The greatest game console will upgrade a new Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40 next May 2013. Sony, as the developer of the Play Station confirmed that the update will be released soon. I become very excited because of that statement. It is caused by I will download the new release of the firmware as soon as possible. I have been waiting for this update for a long time. It will become the greatest news for the gamers.

Features of the Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40

Different features are provided by Sony as the developer of Play Station. Using this new Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40 the Play Station console becomes stronger than before. It is caused by the system update allows the gamers to download the purchased content from the Sony’s online store to the PS3, and the stability of the software is increased. The game maniac will have no worry about the less stability of their console. It means that Play Station guarantee the console can hold for longer time.

This new firmware is different from the previous one that still has certain bugs on it. The Ps3 Firmware Update 4.31 is the last firmware from Play Station that will be changed by the newest Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40. Play Station 3 will get the new refreshment and also improvement in the performance. It can be seen that the graphic has already use the High Definition (HD). It means that the Play Station 3 can be played in the high resolution. The high resolution will increase the details of the picture that produced by this Play Station 3.

Updating the Play Station trough Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40

To update the Play Station console using the newest firmware is very easy. It also can be updated from the USB stick flash drive. This Ps3 Firmware Update USB will ease us if we don’t covered by the internet access. Sony Play Station 3 is the most played console right now. Comes with the medium price, it can be the alternative for the people who loves to play game. The Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40 is very necessary for the people who want to get their Play Station 3 become stronger.

The performance of the Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40

If we ask for the performance of this Ps3 Firmware Update 2013, we will get surprised. It is caused by the extremely upgraded console with the same price. We will get the amazing performance and also amazing details by using the update from Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40. We can enjoy playing high definition games in our house without worrying the lack of graphic details from the console of Play Station 3.

Sony Play Station 3 is the greatest game developer ever. They don’t want to lose their loyal customer. So they upgrade the firmware of the Play Station 3 into the greater performance. This upgrade by Sony Play Station 3 is very necessary for the game lover. Then upgrade your Play Station 3 using this Ps3 Firmware Update 4.40.