Pokemon Emerald Version is a third generations of Pokemon games released by nintendo. It first released on 1996, the first generation of Pokemon: Pocket Monster Red and Pocket Monster Green, and now has reached it fitfth generation called Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. Talking about Pokemon Emerald Version, it’s a combination of it’s two previous Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Nintendo is trying to improve Ruby’s and Sapphire’s graphic on Pokemon Emerald Version. Although it’s a remake, Pokemon Emerald Version is still a great and enjoyable RPG game.

Pokemon Emerald Version

Pokemon Emerald Version basics is the same as all the previous Pokemon game. But now, it contains a total of 386 species of Pokemon. In Ruby or Sapphire, player need to takes one of the criminal in Pokemon, neither Team Aqua or Team Magma. But in Pokemon Emerald Version, players need to take them both! Some criticize that this generation of Pokemon leaves day and night a feature introduced in the previous version Pokemon Gold and Silver due to battery saving issue. But with the better graphic (GBA) and a lot of new feature, it still turns into a great game.

The new feature introduced in Pokemon Emerald version is a team battle, a 2 vs 2 battle of pokemon which is a new stuff introduced by Nintendo. The other new feature is Pokemon Contest, a mini game which pokemons participate in a contest and they perform some move before the judges. The score is rated based on the moves the pokemon uses, and can be increased by using Pokéblocks. As i said before, Pokemon Emerald (Ruby+Sapphire too) leaves Day and Night system as it is first introduced on Pokemon Gold and Silver, but it still carry a real-life time gameplay, like time that berry will grow etc.

 Pokemon Emerald Version take place in Hoenn, a fictional region based on Kyushu island in Japan. Hoenn contains nine cities and six towns along with various geographical locations. Just like the previous version, some area are accessible in some conditions. The starter of Pokemon Emerald Version are either Torchic, Mudkip, or Treecko, which players can get from Professor Birch, our neighbor. The main goal of the game is to beat the elite four pokemon master, and to complete the Pokedex by capturing, evolving, or trading with others to obtail all 386 Pokemon.

Pokemon Emerald Version – Choose Your Starter

Besides defeating the Elite Four, there are several side quest or mini games. One of them is like catching the legendary Pokemon, Groudon or Kyogre (note that in Ruby or Sapphire, you can only catch one of them. In Pokemon Emerald Version, you can catch both of them!). The plot is actually different than Ruby and Sapphire. Here, Groudon and Kyogre actually awaken by Team Aqua and Magma, and begin to battle each other. Here, you must unleash the legendary Pokemon (yup, another) Rayquaza to calm them. Then, you can catch both of them (even you can catch Rayquaza) respectively.

After defeating Elite Four, player can re-battle all of the 8 gym leader in a double battle if they are called on theri PokeNav. Also, there are another additional Pokemon Frontier, which you can test your skill in battling other trainer there.

Overall, Pokemon Emerald Version is a better version than Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It has a longer gameplay and of course a better graphic. For you who are Pokemon lover, just like me, Pokemon Emerald Version is still an enjoyable RPG game to play and to spend playing a light game experience.

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