Pokemon Conquest Eevee is a mammalian creature it has brown fur, a bushy tail with a cream-colored tip, it also has a furry collar with the same cream-colored.  Eevee’s eyes is brown colored, it has big ears, and pink paw pads. the design of the character is like a small fox, an animal that are found in desert like areas. Evee and its evolutions also has traits of raccoons, foxes, dogs, and cats.

Eevee is said to have an irregularly shaped genetic structure, so it can evolve into multiple Pokémon. Eevee are somewhat quite rare, but it can live  almost anywhere, and they can also evolve according to their surroundings.

Pokemon Conquest Eevee moves are:


Tail Whip

Helping Hand



Quick Attack


Baton Pass

Take Down

Last Resort,

and Trump Card. 

Pokemon Conquest Eevee Special abilities

The ability to Run Away or Adaptability is one of Pokemon Evee abilites. The ability to Run Away will allow the players  to run away from any wild Pokémon fight, and it also negating the effects of abilites that prevent running away like block and mean look. the Adaptability ability increases the users STAB from x1.5 to x2.0. You should notice that Eevee are Pokémon creature with unstable genetic codes. But this gives Evee the ability to evolve into seven different evolutions that is triggered by the environment, Thunderstone, time of day, or the use of the evolutionary stones Water Stone and Fire Stone.

Pokemon Conquest Eevee Evolutions

It is relatively simple to evolve the pokemon. Similar like in the main games, evolution is done based upon the level. However, you should notice the level is not the strength level but the level that we are talkin about here is the link level between Pokémon and their the Warlords.

Pokemon cannot evolve if the Warlords has a low link to the Pokémon that made it possible for evolution, If you want to increase the link. Happiness and trade evolutions get mapped to the Link level with a high amount of around 50-70%

For item evolutions, additionaly there is an extra component. Dotted around the Ransei region, there are multiple shops where you can buy the items. those items are the same items as within the game. You can attach the item to your Pokémon and it will evolve on the next fight.


Vaporeon- equip a Water Stone on Eevee and send it to battle with at least a 60% (unconfirmed) link
Jolteon- equip a Thunderstone on Eevee and send it to battle with at least a 60% (unconfirmed) link
Flareon- equip a Fire Stone on Eevee and send it to battle with at least a 60% (unconfirmed) link
Espeon- Battle at Illusio Nation with at least a 70% link
Umbreon- Battle at Yaksha Nation with at least a 70% link
Leafeon- Battle at Grassleaf Nation with at least a 70% link
Glaceon- Battle at Nixtorm Nation with at least a 70% link

Those are The Pokemon Conquest Eevee information that we have gathered hope it will be useful for you.