I believe that every gamer in the world have ever heard about Planescape. Yes, Planescape is pre campaign for Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. This fantasia role playing game is published in 1994 and created and designed by Zeb Cook. Planscape role playing game finally released in 1999 by black isle studios. Since it was released this classic role playing game has achieve million of dollars. This is a single player classic role playing game that has been attracting millions of people to play it and become one of the biggest game that have ever play be people around the world.

This Planescape game is truly one of the best games that have ever produced, that statement is also support by some famous game magazines. Most of the positive critical statement that comes from the magazine is about the graphic work of art that created by three big names in gaming industries.  Yes, they are Tony DiTerlizzi, Robh Ruppel, and Dana Knutson. Most of famous magazine said that the graphic design of this game is unique and it’s perfect. They even said that the graphic of this game possibly the best graphic composition that have ever made. You can read it more in games magazine’s Planscape torment review.

The Setting of Plancescape

Like its suggested names, Planescape is about the multiverse connection in where this game takes place. It’s about magic portal that can connect between several different universes. The concept of astral, Ethereal, Prime Material, and outer planes was introduced in the latest version of Dungeons & Dragons. It’s about connecting world with other dimension through mystical portal.

If you are a planescape player, you will know about Sigil. Yes Sigil is the city where the portal door lays. This city is located in the outlands. This city is located in the center of the outland to be exact. There is no sky in this city, this city is just simply a city with artificial lights to create day and night atmosphere. This city be accessed in or out safely through the portals. Even though the condition of this city has made it safe from any invasion, it also makes this city become a prison for those who don’t have any portal key or do some Plandscape torments cheat.

The story of Planescape

In this Planescape story, the Sigil is not a perfect place. There is a civil war in there between the factions that control the political power of Sigil. The war has been going silently, but this war going to be an open war any time soon if you, as the player, can give a great contrition to the peace of sigil significantly by helping the lady of pain.

The Fact of Planescpe

This Planscape torment game is one of the biggest games that have ever made. The graphic was perfect, the storyline was epic, so no wonder that this game achieve more than 1.6 million dollar in their selling. That is truly big money for single-player game. That fact has made this game become one of the most successful games in the world. Planescape is one of the biggest role playing games ever, indeed.