Now i will make a review about New Super Mario Bros 2 (NSMB 2). Who doesnt know Super Mario Bros ? The game that make a million people fall in love in his era. Now lets go to the review of his new adventure, NSMB 2.

Its been decades that old Mario never appear again after the Super Mario 64. Only when Nintendo released the concept of back-to-basic with New Super Mario Bros, a new generation of gamers are re-introduced with the Italian plumber in a 2D world. New Super Mario Bros. with all the nostalgia value and fun world platform, he has quickly become a hits. Since then, Nintendo began to support Mario in 2D or 3D world. The proof is the Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo did not forget to create the NSMB 2.

Apparently the same strategy applied in Nintendo handheld portable. After Super Mario 3D Land was praised by many people as judged for ultimately prove to 3D effects in the world of platforming, Nintendo kicked off again this year with the sequel to New Super Mario Bros, NSMB 2 brings a new feature called Coin Rush, restoring some classic power-ups, as well as presenting some new power-ups for him. How did it go?

Changing the primary focus of a coin does not mean this game is just showing the standard Mario level with a lot of coins only. Two thumbs up should be given to the level designers of NSMB 2 who are offering new ways to collect those shiny little discs. Some coins only in the form of points which you have to touch it first to turn it into coins. In addition there are power-ups that transform Mario into Midas, which he threw gold fire and changing everything it touches into coins. There are also times Mario wearing a gold block as the head and pulled out a coin every time he ran and jumped. The results of all your hard work will be recorded on the counter on the world map, and when it reached one million coins, Nintendo has a surprise for you.

But look beyond the shiny gold, NSMB 2 also presents a number of elements that are already familiar. Power-up mushroom, fire flower, super leaf and Starman comes back, and that one which turn Mario into a mini and giant, even though there can only be found in two or three levels only. So is the opponent the plumber, characters like Koopa Troopa, Goomba and Boo is back and ready to confront Mario.

In NSMB 2, Mario must pass six world with varied themes to reach Bowser, and there are also three secret world. Each site contained two palaces, and some of them are a haunted house full of perplexing puzzles. There is also a toad house that can only be opened if you have a five star coin. And as usual, Mario games are always filled by a number of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Although you can not remove the impression that Mario games always look the same, but NSMB 2 remains the game that is very appealing to your eyes. The colorful display and the addition of small elements, such as when the opponent dancing with a background song, really entertaining. 3D effects also looks sweet and effective. Without promising a luxurious effect, they just blurred the background that appears to have depth. Even so, these solutions seem good for a side-scrolling game.

NSMB 2 presents two modes in addition to solo play. First is the co-op multiplayer where you can finish the level with Luigi. Unfortunately, this mode is less worked up to the maximum so that it feels similar to when playing solo. With your friends, you can collect coins and power-ups together. If one can not match the speed of other characters, so he will shut up in the bubble.

The second mode of NSMB 2 feels more fun because of the element of competition. Coin Rush allow you to challenge the ability of others to collect the coins in three random levels in time. Using street-pass feature you can challenge a friend record or otherwise, the better will get a gold crown symbol on statistics.

NSMB 2 is an old game but at the same time feels new. Long as it has the ol