In this opportunity i will give you some extra hints and tips for the Nocturne the League of Legends  amazing champion, as this character is favorable among the players.

Nocturne is a very strong jungle champion and also offers an great use if you played it with team . Nocturne has a very good attack damage and attack speed steriod And this is allows nocturne to build tanky but still have alot of damage inflicted.

Nocturne’s ultimate is very unique, he can take away map vision for all enemy champions and this creates some opportunity that allow him to pull of some devastating ganks.

The purpose of this Nocturne guide is to be a basic and simple introduction on the Nocturne basic strategy that we recomended to be use when playing Nocturne, it is highly recommended for players who is just starting to use Nocturne.

General Nocturne Gameplay Tips & Hints

Nocturne is actually very flexible with his jungle paths. The standard jungle route is Blue > Wolves > Wraith > Red > Mini-Golems and it should always be completed unless you are counterjungled.
Nocturne is an assassin champion, your objective should always be to target the squishy champions in teamfights.
Nocturne’s ultimate can be a valuable use in terms of  defense and offense and also can be used to save yourself or a fleeing teammate.
Don’t use your Unspeakable Horror only if  it is likely that they will stay in the leash range, if they are faster than you then it is not worth for wasting the the cooldown time.
Always be aware and try to anticipate enemy spells so that your Shroud of Darkness will give you a strong attack speed boost .

Early Game – Level 1-6

You should focus on clearing your jungle quickly while also being aware of the other lanes.
Nocturne has very strong ganking and his Unspeakable Horror is often enough can use to force an enemy to use Flash (making them an easier gank!)
And don’t forget to use Duskbringer it is useful to close the gap when ganking.

Mid Game – Level 7-12

Right now You are a ganking god with your ultimate, always be looking to use it when its off cooldown.
Always check the range distance of your opponent before activating your ultimate, you dont want to waste the cooldown time.
Always have dragon warded during this stage of the game and if it safe enough you should consider doing it.
You may should start to consider whether you might need a Banshee’s Veil or not before an Atma’s Impaler (for example if the enemy AP is doing very well ).

Late Game – 13-18

It would entirely depends on your team either  you will need to intiate with your ultimate or you would wait for your team to initiate and then jump on the enemy carry.
During team fights try to fear as much as possible , it is a great way of crowd control because it may lead them into awful positions.
Blocking a spell with your shield can really give you a massive damage output boost at this stage of the game .
For maximum damage, try to fight on your Duskbringer  especialy during late game, it is alot of free attack damage.

So there is our General Tips for Nocturne, be sure to leave a comment that help others enjoy this cool character.

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