For this opportunity, i will reveal to you all, the Nintendo Wii-U Specs which already get a tittle mystery specs because Nintendo never gave the audience some info. But first of all, lets we take a look the beginning of this mystery. Introduced since 2011 ago, the Nintendo to make their latest console – the Nintendo Wii-U. Almost a year since the announcement at E3 2011 and a time closer to the month of release that has been determined since the beginning, Nintendo still had a lot of mysteries about this console. Skepticism and pessimism surrounds gamers who certainly anticipate that new console of nintendo. Even E3 2012 is not a lot of information related to next-gen console. After a long wait, Nintendo finally selected in September as the right time to unveil the obscurity.

Nintendo held two press conferences in two of their biggest potential markets – Japan and the United States. No longer hidden, Nintendo tried to give a very clear about their latest product. They introduced exclusive games that will probably attract the attention of gamers, features and functionality that is still a question mark, some parts of the specification, to the price and release date are set for each market. We summarize all the information available to help you get a complete picture of the Nintendo Wii-U. Interested or not, it certainly will be your next personal choice. Here we are, the Nintendo Wii-U Specs 😀

Nintendo Wii-U will be available in two main variants :

For Basic (white color) you will get a Wii U console, one Wii U gamepad, Sensor Bar, 8 GB SSD, and HDMI Cable.
For Premium / Deluxe (Black color) you will get a Wii U console, one Wii U gamepad, Sensor Bar, 32 GB SSD, HDMI Cable, Charging Stand, Console Stand, and a Nintendo Land game disc.

For the next Nintendo Wii-U Specs, we will see the hardware, the console of Wii-U is built with IBM power7 multicore processor, for the graphic engine, Wii-U powered by AMD Radeon 7 Series custom, it has 2 GB of RAM, 1 GB for games, 1 GB for the system. It has 8 GB SSD storage for the basic version, and 32 GB SSD storage for premium bundle, expandables via SD memory card or USB harddisk. It has 12 cm Optical disk drive with 25 GB capacity. For the ports, Wii-U has SD memorycard slot, USB 2.0 ports, Sensor bar port, AV multi Outport, HDMI 1.4 port. The video resolution is on 1080p, 1080i, 576i, 480p, 480i, it compatible for standart monitor and widescreen monitor.

And the next Nintendo Wii-U Specs will be the controller. Nintendo Wii U controller is somewhat different from that seen last year. The most visible changes is at the circle in the analog joystick. The joystick feel comfortable for our thumbs, these changes may be a little easier for us to play the game due to a higher degree of precision. Nintendo game console confirmed that it can be used in two options, playing games on the console and play the game on the TV. Nintendo Wii U can be connected wirelessly to a smart TV without significant obstacles. Another thing that changes happen when we choose the menu, Select and Start, formerly flanked by the Home button. The button is now moved to the side, under the primary key. Like most other games consoles, Nintendo Wii U quite comfortable.

How gamers? This is some info for Nintendo Wii-U Specs Hope you enjoy the info

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