After Nintendo announcing the release date and price of the Wii U, at a special event recently, Nintendo also revealed Nintendo TVii. A new mode using the Wii U GamePad to navigate TV, DVR recording and online video service, including the touchscreen function remote that can control the cable box, DVR and TV directly to set up a list of favorite channels for each access to the menu.

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Nintendo TVii offer personalized guide program that displays content on Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, DVR and live TV. This experience will be very personal, as any user can log in with their own Mii avatar.

With Nintendo TVii, users can watch their own favorite shows which are available on streaming video and live event. Users can also control the TiVo DVR and watch movie trailers on Wii U GamePad. Sport events can also be enjoyed with a scorecard in the main menu and other details are available by browsing individual game. Favorite menu will show all of your favorite shows and movies that are currently available on TV or streaming services.

Nintendo TVii is integrated with social networking augmented with features for some content. In addition, users can also capture special moments during a live TV show takes place, allowing to participate in online communication through different service on the GamePad.

When you finish recording the event, users can enjoy the scene list and comments. Sport games are also getting similar social-networking features. Nintendo TVii will be launched in the United States and Canada. Nintendo is also considering expansion throughout the Americas. Nintendo TVii will be integrated with the Wii U at no extra cost or monthly fees.

Now go to the newly Nintendo Wii U. Maybe some of you want to know more about this new Nintendo Wii series, here’s the information that you need. Nintendo Wii U is a next-gen game console first to break  the cover and will be the first to go on sale when it hits the shelves in time for Christmas this year.

Nintendo held two major events to introduce their latest products console – Nintendo Wii-U deeper. The first event held in Japan was opened all the information that is still a mystery to many gamers, including the price and release date on this new console. The price itself is counted less plausible if we do a conversion price of roughly from Yen to U.S. dollar. But apparently Nintendo is not stupid enough to set prices equal to the potential  market outside Japan. The second event held in New York, Nintendo announced the release date and price of Nintendo Wii-U for the U.S. market, which believe it or not, is much faster and cheaper.

If the Japanese market will enjoy the new console on December 8, 2012, the U.S. market will able to enjoy it since the 18th of November, almost a month ahead. It also released in two main variants: Basic (white) will be pegged to the price of only $ 299 and Premium (black) that will be released with the range of USD 349, tens of dollars cheaper than the prices in the Japanese market.

IBM processors have been trusted by Nintendo to strengthen their console using 3 core processor architecture is based on PowerPC CPU. While the issue of graphics cards, Nintendo entrusted the ATI Radeon  to produce a perfect picture quality. By (Graphics Processing Unit) of the ATI Radeon R700 GPU that supports pixel shader 4.1 was expected to produce a perfect picture quality even exceed the image quality expected from its competitors.

So for you gamers who idolize this Nintendo Wii U and its Nintendo TVii service, you doesnt have to wait till 2013 to enjoy this latest Nintendo consoles.