There was already a month old Wii U appeared in our midst now the Nintendo TVii appear. In terms of popularity, the engine is sufficient and its appeal is also very unusual. But unfortunately in terms of consoles, there are still many shortcomings to be fixed by Nintendo. One example is the massive update that must be passed by all the gamers before they can use the machine. Unfortunately, this update can also be said to be the biggest hurdle for gamers who was on the scene with a weak internet connection. Because, if until the update is interrupted in the middle, then congratulations! Your Wii U will be broken and useful as your ornament.

After the massive update it passed, then you can feel calm. But when you started using it, you all probably realized that there are many features that had initially been promised by Nintendo, but it still has not been included here. Well, to answer a big question about where are those features, Nintendo finally started to give an answer in the form of new updates. Update is the first Nintendo TVii, a feature that you can already download in the near future!

For those of you who do not know what a Nintendo TVii, this is a free feature that has been integrated into the Wii U with a function to collect all television content into a single container. Content can come from streaming services or programs that are already awaited by you all and provided by the cable or satellite provider. Here is the official statement issued by the president of the American branch of Nintendo, Reggie Fils-Aime:

“The owners of the Wii U has felt the transformative effect given by the GamePad to the gameplay and social interaction. Nintendo TVii will show how integration of the GamePad second screen that can also be turned into a television viewing experience. Welcome to the new Nintendo TVii world.”

Outside additionally has a medium to navigate and manage the existing program, the display of Nintendo TVii GamePad will also offer additional information for a specific program, including information are actors and actresses who played in it, status directly and the result of an exercise program, coupled with a review of a film that is taken directly from Rotten Tomatoes. A very ambitious approach from Nintendo and Nintendo is once again shown that it is one of the brains behind the world advanced game.

Nintendo TVii an additional function in the gamepad Nintendo Wii U to help players change the TV channel while playing a game. This function is unfortunately not accessible not just to the owner of Wii U. They have to pay extra money to put in the Nintendo TVii on the gamepad. Fortunately there are not too large, around 1.22 U.S. dollars only. The thinking of the concept of using a gamepad for their daily needs like Nintendo TVii is that has long been proud of even long before the release of the Nintendo Wii U.