Six years ago, Nintendo released the Wii in conjunction with the Wii Sports game that serves as a game that introduces the uniqueness of their consoles. For the launch of the Wii U, Nintendo took the same steps as before. Nintendo introduced the unique Wii U GamePad to Nintendo Land.

For the introduction of their new console, Nintendo invites players to Nintendo Land, a theme park with rides themed  from the familiar Nintendo IP. The first impression it looks like a collection of mini-games, but it’s not like that. The time it takes to play each attraction can take quite a long time.

In Nintendo Land there are 12 rides to play. Vehicles are divided into three kinds of categories: Team Attractions, Competitive Attractions, and Solo Attractions. Attractions in Team players will bet cooperate and can be played 1-5 players, the players will be opposite Competitive Attractions and can be played 2-5 people, and can be played Solo Attractions alone. Unfortunately most numerous rides in Solo Attractions, there are six rides. Quite a shame because it’s the same as Nintendo’s Land theme park in general, more fun to play together.

Each vehicle of Nintendo Land rides offers a gameplay that is very different. Naturally, this game is intended to show off the capabilities of GamePad. Almost all rides show a different view on the TV screen and a  GamePad screen, especially in Team and Competitive Attractions Attractions. Players who play on GamePad will get a completely different gameplay with players who use the TV. For example in Mario rides Chase, players must try to escape using the GamePad from other players using the Wiimote. Players who use the GamePad will play with the top-down equipped with area map showing the position of the enemy. While players who use the Wiimote to use third-person view and should try to catch players who use the GamePad. Required cooperation among players Wiimote to notify each other when they are close to the position.

Not only the variety of rides alone, Nintendo Land also offers a collectible form of the soundtrack as well as a replica of a specific IP that will appear on the playground. To collect collectible coins gained from requiring any end-game vehicle. You have to play a mini-game first, which is quite a bit challenging. Not only collectible only, Nintendo Land is also enlivened by Mii from around the world who come through Miiverse. Nintendo Land This really feels like a real playground, you can also get a photo of each end of the play rides. Surely you can not post your experience playing in Miiverse.

Although Nintendo Land is very fun to play together, the lack of this game is a little higher learning curve. Each vehicle has a way to play different and should be studied deeply enough. Unlike Wii Sports where you can just play without the need to learn the inside. In addition it is also a bit unfortunate when you first play should undergo a fairly lengthyof tutorial.