Nintendo Wii releases the new game console called Monster Hunter 3. This is the interesting game that I ever play. The graphic and also the game play are very adorable. Nintendo Wii develops this game well. This game has the previous sequel called Monster Hunter Dos. It was announced in Play Station 3, but it was cancelled. The developer of this game is Capcom. I get new experience in gaming by playing this game. This game is very interesting.

This is the game that included swimming and the underwater combat into one storyline. The story of this Monster Hunter 3 is very interesting. This game is about the fighting dragon that fights both in the water and in the land. The giant dragon is coming from the ancient era and has the great power. In this game, we can play in the online or in the offline mode. When we play this game in the online mode, we can invite 4 of our friend to play together in this game. In the online mode, the reward of playing this game is greater than in the offline mode. We also can meet all of our friends in this game by switching it into the online mode. In this online mode, we play in a city.

Monster Hunter 3 in Offline Mode

Capcom, as the developer of this game also consider the offline mode for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Demo to accommodate the people who don’t covered with an internet connection. This offline mode is also as fun as the online mode. The difference from this offline mode rather than the online mode is we cannot find any friend in the game play of this game while we are playing. The setting of this Monster Hunter 3 is also becomes in the village. The plots begin when the player travelling to the small island after the earthquake happened. This becomes the starting point in playing this game.

Another Version of Monster Hunter 3

This game is also available in another version. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3ds is the different version of the Monster Hunter 3. The ultimate version is suitable for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Release Date is on December 2011 in Japan. The developer of this game also released it in two bundles, one of the bundles contains the special edition 3DS and another one contains the add-on of this game itself. Completed with the revised HD graphics, it will be the best game for us.

Game play of the Monster Hunter 3

This game has the underwater combat with the amazing weapons. The weapons such as bow, hunting horn, gun lance, and dual swords are very amazing and also have the great power in this game. Monster Hunter 3 also introduces the G rank. It is the level above the high rank. The G rank will unlock the harder monster and improved weapons and armor of this game.

Playing in this game will bring us to the ancient era. Completed with the amazing graphic details, this game will be the most played game for us. What an amazing development on Monster Hunter 3.