Have you ever heard the name Monkey Island? If you’re a 90′s player it’s possible that you heard the popularity of the game. For late gamers, probably you’ve heard the fifth sequel of Monkey Island after the acquisition by Telltale games. Well, for information, Monkey Island is one of graphical adventure games which first produced and published by LucasArts, and gain much popularity in 1990 era. Four series was released during 1990-2000 by LucasArts, and another one on 2009 by Telltale games in collaboration with LucasArts.

Monkey Island Series

All series of Monkey Island introduce the same formation of character: in protagonist, we have Guybrush Threepwood; LeChuck as the main antagonist, a rival of Guybrush; and two of them has the same affection to a girl, Elaine Marley. All the series also taken in the same place, Caribbean, around the Golden Age Piracy in the 18th century. The island is a fictional island named “Tri-Island Area” which are governed by Elaine Marley. Tri-Island Area consist of three main island, Melee Island, Plunder Island, and Booty Island, and Elaine considers Melee Island as her home.

Series of Monkey Island

From 1990 until now, Monkey Island had released 5 different series, with extra 2 series as special edition.

The Secret of Monkey Island
The first series of the game (1990) released for MS-DOS, Atari ST, and Macintosh. Lately, many newer console such as iPhone also re-released the game.
The story of this first series started by Guybrush Threepwood stating that “I want to be a pirate”. To be a pirate, he must prove his worth to three old pirate captains. During the trials, he met with Elaine Marley, the governor of Tri-Island and falls in love with her. Unfortunately, a ghost pirate named LeChuck also set his eyes on Elaine, making them some sort of rival. At some point, Elaine is kidnapped by LeChuck, and are saved by Guybrush after he succesfully defeated LeChuck.
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
Released on PC MS-DOS, Amiga, and Macintosh, later for FM Towns, continues the first story of Monkey Island. Now the story tells that Guybrush possessed a treasure chat. During the search, Guybrush accidentally revives LeChuck which now is in zombie form. Clash between those two once again arises, and in the end Guybrush once again defeated LeChuck using some voodoo.
The Curse of Monkey Island
The third series was an exclusive release which only available for PC Windows 1997
Unlucky Guybrush unwittingly turns Elaine into a gold statue and was later stolen by pirates. Guybrush tracks her down along with the search of the ring that can lift the curse. LeChuck once again appears, but now in a fiery demon form.
Escape from Monkey Island
Released in 2000 for PC windows and 2001 for Macintosh and PlayStation 2.
Finally Guybrush marry Elaine, but soon after their return from honeymoon, they figured that Elaine has been declared death and the governor seat she used to be was currently vacant and is up for election. Guybrush then investigate the case and later figured a conspiracy between a real estate developer Ozzie Mandrill with once again the old nemesis LeChuck. The main goal of them is to use vodoo to docile all the pirates and make Caribbean a central of tourism.
Tales of Monkey Island
The fifth and currently latest installment of the series, and now are developed by both LucasArts and Telltale Games, is released on WiiWare and PC. Unlike the previous series, this series contains five different episodes, but mainly about Guybrush unwittingly release some insidious pox that turns all the pirates across Caribbean into a zombie. The goal is to search for a legendary sea sponge that can lift up the curse, along with a lot of surprise in every quest Guybrush must pass.

What makes this game is so popular on its time, is the “player-friendly” concept and its humor. One cannot simply fail the quest and lose the game, and need a great effort to make Guybrush die in the story. The series