MLG Spring Championship 2012 doubled their viewer numbers

The rise of Western eSports over the past year it has been very fascinating to watch, and as people know that there can be no greater indicator of how far game competition has come than last night’s Major League Gaming Spring or MLG Spring Championship in Anaheim.

MLG Spring championship co-founder Sundance DiGiovanni stated  that over four million viewers tuned in over the weekend just to watch the  event, and this is a number which broke the last  viewership records. A the reason? there is  a few factors played into why the MLG Spring championship attracted so many gamers out there, and almost all of it has to do with the two most  featured games of the event, League of Legends and Starcraft 2.

League of Legends is a free to play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) game that recently has surpassed World of Warcraft in a matter of total number of players, and because of that, watching the game played into a competition is a huge draw for fans of the game. And this certainly helps viewership that for events like the one that took place this weekend, It is no suprise that Riot Games turns their  homepage of the game into one big ad for the live stream, and this encourages players to check out the pros online. This sort of free advertising likely sent a massive amount of traffic to the event this weekend.

MLG Spring Championship MVP DongRaeGu

The second game is Starcraft and is not to be forgotten either however. And in this weekend we saw the MVP DongRaeGu take his second title and the crown, after defeating SlayerS.Alicia in the finals. But the talk of the weekend was the MLG’s recent team-up with KESPA short from  Korean eSports league, which sent over legendary Starcraft: Brood War players in this competition to compete against in each other while playing Starcraft 2 publicly for the very first time. Icons like Flash, Jaedong and Stork fought to the death, and this was the event that fans have been waiting for years to see in this event.

After exiting his group stage dropping just one series to Socke, DongRaeGu really enjoy a smashing championship bracket, beating out Puma and MarineKing to the ground before claiming the  trophy in an exciting finale against Alicia. And opens with “Nice work, Alicia, now you can go home” taunt, DongRaeGu has won game one which passed under the theme of nexuses being grounded to death. Alicia tried to respond by going DR but then the gas investment didn’t pay off that much and the protoss was overrun.

With steady and patience defence won Alicia the second game on Cloud Kingdom, but that game would only be his only grand final victory. A roach surround on Metropolis and then a six-pool into a proper late-game on Tal’darim Altar later, and DongRaeGu went  out of his booth smiling, shook Alicia’s hand in respect for the game and then accepted his reward under the roaring cheers of the crowd, and won his second MLG Spring Championship  title