Are any of you who are still playing the game Minecraft Xbox 360 console but feel disturbed by the various bugs that descend Mojang made this game? Quiet, no longer bugs will soon be destroyed by the  Mojang development team.

In early August 2012, Mojang never announced it will release updates to the volume Skins Pack 2 which contains 45 new skins in the game Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition.

Currently Microsoft and Mojang have finally released an update Skins Pack vol. 2 through Xbox Live Marketplace. From all existing skins, some skins are certainly no stranger to the Minecraft Xbox 360 gamers. Some new skins are adapted from other well-known titles, such as skins Agent Level 5 of Crackdown 2, Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark, Damon Baird from Gears of War: Judgment, Pretztail of Viva Pinata, and Bill from Left4Dead games.

A new update for the Minecraft Xbox 360 is currently being prepared by the Mojang. This latest patch will fix a lot of bugs in the game Minecraft Xbox 360 and will also add items Golden Apples, Pumpkin Seeds, as well as some additional important option. Definite release date for the new patch is not yet known, but the Mojang confirmed this patch will be released soon to the Xbox 360. Here is a list of some updates and bug fixes to the player who will find the new patch Minecraft Xbox 360, you can see the full list below.

Minecraft Xbox 360 get updates Skins Pack vol. 2 to make it up for 160 Microsoft Points. Here is a list of all skin contained in the update Skins Pack vol. 2:

1. Enderman Man – Minecraft
2. Pig Man – Minecraft
3. Sheep Man – Minecraft
4. Naked Sheep Man – Minecraft
5. Spider Man – Minecraft
6. General Akamoto – Skulls of the Shogun
7. Otus – Owlboy
8. Meat Boy – Super Meat Boy
9. Agent Cobalt – Cobalt
10. Zapp – Gamma Bros
11. Buzz – Gamma Bros
12. Glorg – Glorg
13. The Player – Retro City Rampage
14. Spelunky Guy – Spelunky
15. Green Knight – Castle Crashers
16. Orange Knight – Castle Crashers
17. Blue Knight – Castle Crashers
18. Red Knight -Castle Crashers
19. Marcus Fenix – Gears of War 3
20. Skorge – Gears of War
21. Anya Stroud – Gears of War
22. Damon Baird – Gears of War: Judgment
23. Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark
24. Joanna Dark (dress) – Perfect Dark
25. Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark Zero
26. Elvis – Perfect Dark
27. Juno – Jet Force Gemini
28. Vela – Jet Force Gemini
29. Lupus -Jet Force Gemini
30. Horstachio – Viva Pinata
31. Pretztail – Viva Pinata
32. Fizzlybear – Viva Pinata
33. Bill – Left4Dead
34. Louis – Left4Dead
35. Francis – Left4Dead
36. Zoey – Left4Dead
37. Hunter – Left4Dead
38. Boomer – Left4Dead
39. Witch – Left4Dead
40. Agent Level 5 – Crackdown 2
41. Pilot
42. Sailor
43. Pirate
44. Ninja
45. Elf


Fix to stop lava, milk and water buckets being empty after use in creative mode.
Fix for Leader of the Pack achievement being awarded incorrectly.
Fix for leaderboard stats issue where value stored was incorrect.
Fix for hitbox problems with glass panes and iron fence.
Fix for small character display changing color to green.
Fix for map rendering incorrectly in some situations with clouds disabled.

So for you who play this awesome game in your Xbox 360, redeem your coins to get funny skin for the Minecraft Xbox 360, you will play with more fun things that will happen while your skin is look awesome.