Some of you will wonder, after tired playing alone in a single game of minecraft, will there be more challenge? Of course there are. Hereby, i will give you some top rated Minecraft multiplayer servers from several site.

Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

Top 5 Minecraft Multiplayer Servers from

Uber Minecraft Private Server 1.2.5 – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Minecraft version 1.2.5 – Supported 2000 Slots, PvP, PvE, Grief Module, Chest Shop, Chest Protection, Region Protection, Epic World, 24/7, Dedicated Server, Custom Plugins, Daily Backups, Rewards, Always Updating, and more.
IP :
Best Minecraft Server • World of Heroes • 1.2.4 – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Minecraft version 1.2.4 – Supported 2000 slots, PvP, PvE, Region Protection, Chest Protection, Grief Module, Chest Shop, Epic World, 24/7, Dedicated Server, Always Updating, Daily Backups, Rewards, and more.
IP :
v1.2.5 – 153 Towns – 8 Worlds – LEGENDARY ISLAND 1.2 – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Minecraft version 1.2.5 – Most advanced Anti-griefing, Home Protection self-manage, Guest can build, Pirates, Wizards, Clean chat, Quests & Magic, 150 towns+, Protected chest and doors, friendly admins, free membership, PvP onoff, Nether Worlds, SkyLands, No Lag, Survival and Creative, Jails, No Whitelist, 24/7, Great Economy System
IP :
SHADOWRAZE – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Minecraft 1.2.5 – Survival server, mobs enabled, home protection, door and chest protection, anti-griefing, no flying, no x-ray usage, no stealing, jail.
IP :
HC-Craft 1.2.5 [NO WHITELIST!!] 350 Slots – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Minecraft 1.2.5 – 350 slots, lot of plugins: autorank, preciousStones, DisguiseCraft, etc. Wonderful staff
IP :

Top 5 Minecraft Multiplayer Servers from – SMP + CraftBukkit – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Survival multiplayer server, no spawning, mine for own resources. Hosted in Denmark
IP : [SMP] – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Dedicated server, hosted in Germany, 24/7,  anitgrief plugins, jail, logs, ban, indestructible vault. Plugin list : LeafDropper, MagicCarpet, CuboidPlugin, WorldEdit, AntiGrief, Clean, ExactSpawn.
IP :
Friendly Server – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
24/7, iConomy, Towns, Friendly people, Survival
IP :
Fantasia – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Dedicated server, 24/7, quad core 8gb server, Hmod, protected areas & chests, iConomy, Craftbook, Runecraft. Live player positions Map. Special server events. Shop, auction, lottery.
IP :
My Minecraft Server – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Great admin team, over 30 plugins
IP :

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Random minecraft multiplayer servers across the web

Minecraft PVP Factions Server Battlecraft – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
no hacks, no complaining, no begging, no scamming, report all abusem no racism / sexism, pvp on in all places besides spawn
IP :
 Survival+ – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
24/7, pvp minigames, survival, hawkeye, no whitelist, Plugins:worldedit,world guard,essentials group manager,essentials core,stargate,mob arena,pvp arena,Multiverse Core,Multiverse-Portals,Mine Backup,lwc,hawkeye,censorit,simplespleef ,creativity, Chest shops ,iconomy, simple spleef, coloredsigns
IP :
Vanilla Survival Server – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
No plugins, no troublemakers and griefers, no cheat, no steal, no xray.
IP :
Do What Thou Wilt [zombie survival] – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers
Extreme zombie survival, PvP & Griefing, Probability for death within the first 5 minutes: 67%
IP :
MUMAU’S PRISON [PRISON SERVER] [1.2.5] – Minecraft Multiplayer Servers

They even got their own trailer :O

Here’s the detail of the game click me! to long to