The awesome moment when you playing RPG game on your beloved minecraft together with your friend.

Minecraft is not an RPG game, but actually someone has made the game into RPG. Philip Guin develop Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine, making minecraft into RPG! The gameplay itself is quite awesome, like the other RPG, but with Minecraft style. What’s more, the game support multiplayer, or i can say, is a multiplayer game. You’re supposed to travel, entering dungeon and fighting monster cooperating with your friend. So, let’s discuss about Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine here ^^

Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine

Imagine, you’re traveling by three or four people to some random dungeon. Suddenly a monster attack you. You’re fleeing, seperated from your friend. Somehow you are the one chased by the monster. While you’re desperately defending against the monster’s attack, one of your friend come from nowhere and start firing multiple arrow to the monster. And couple of time after that, your other friend come and cast a spell on the monster and finally three of you are able to defeat the monster. And that all happen on minecraft. Yeah, Minecraft mod hack slash mine make your imagination become reality. This minecraft mod hack slash mine is recently become popular among the minecraft player, not only for the gameplay that is exciting, also the needs of teamwork to complete the game. This make this minecraft mod hack slash mine into some exciting game to play with your friends.

Minecraft mod hack slash mine features are also similar with the other RPG games. Like, random monster spawn along with random loot, even a live combat display and also a radar. Minecraft mod hack slash mine also introduced status system, which you can invest in every level up to increase your power. Recent updates also include magic system which is highly requested.

Minecraft mod hack slash mine enable you to pick from three different classes, Warrior, Mage, and Ranger. The last update also featured the class with some skills. Here’s a brief description of each classes skills.


Leap: Sail into the air, escaping harms way!
Taunt: Causes an enemy to focus his attacks on you! (Will serve more of a purpose once the threat mechanic is in place)
Leash: Pulls an enemy towards you!
Charge: Dash into a crowd of enemies, blowing them asunder!


Blink: Teleport a short distance! (inaccurate at longer distances… be careful )
Firebolt: Blast your enemies with fire!
Charged Bolt: Release a barrage of energy particles, increasing in number as you stack Intelligence!
Lightning: Bend the wrath of the heavens to your will…
Gust: Knocks all enemies in a close proximity far away!


Climb: Passive ability to climb natural blocks!
Leap: Temporary! Will be replaced with arrow zip-linin’ tomfoolery at some point…
Tri-shot: Fire multiple arrows at once!
Exploding Arrow: A high mana cost, moderate explosion on impact!
Lightning Arrow: Word of advice– do NOT use this on Roflc- better yet, DO use it on Roflcondas! Go right on ahead. No, really!

Taken from the developer site: Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine

Minecraft Mod Hack Slash Mine Video

Minecraft mod hack slash mine, stated by the owner, is still in development. That means, a lot of new updates is soon to come. I figure from the site that there will be new class, the game mechanic is still under improvement, the implementation of ubermobs (which is impossible to defeat alone, requires a team), quest system, and even there’s possibility that Minecraft mod hack slash mine will have a plot!

It’s quite interesting to hear that, even Minecraft mod hack slash mine is still rough, is already interesting. Considering the update that still yet to come but looks promising, why would we minecraft addict, wouldn’t want to try this mod