Still from McDonald’s Monopoly game guys. Now i will write about McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece Trading.

Technically, McDonalds Monopoly Game Piece Trading is forbidden to do, its cross the rule line. However, many of us already do this, a lot of us cross the rules line Trading game pieces is practically like you trading a card game to someone else who has better card and of course with some advantages to offer for one trading item.

If you do this game since two years ago, many of them commented on anywhere to trade a Broadway with something. All i can say, if there is 1000 people tell us that they had a Broadway and want to trade it, 99% of the is a scammer. Why? because there is just one Broadway each seasons of the game and its extremely rare, so who want to trade that super dupper rare items? Yes, only a scammer do that. But for this year, there will be two Broadway hidden and wait for someone to find them. If you lucky enough, there will be 2 persons or just 1 persons who got the broadway which is the luckiest man in the world

The chance of getting broadway is about 2 from 618 milllion guys. And for the Park Place are 1 in 100. So who will offer to give $500,000 cash in order to avoid having to spend a few bucks to request free codes until Park Place arrives? The scammers will do that so becareful with who you will do trade.

Some scammers will promise to give you plenty of cash if you send them the rare pieces, dont fall for it, once you send the pieces, you will get nothing. Theres no guarantee that they will send you the money.

If you already has the rare piece, dont trade it, buy some fries or drink again to get some rare again, or you can repeat the way to winning this monopoly game with my guide in the previous post. While the broadwalk piece is extraordinary rare, for commons rare piece is has odds of 1 in 61,811 of finding it. You can imagine right how hard someone to find the Broadwalk.

So, if you found someone who want to split a big prizes, just ignore it. Dont give any of your information to them. Beside you will work hard to find the rare piece, remember, the common pieces can lead you to win some prize by entering the code into the sweepstakes entry. If you want to know the prizes, just read my previous post and you will find the list there.

And the lessons for you guys from this topics, do not trade or believe what people say to split anything. Beside the trading is illegal, you can save your pieces without getting hurt. Are you already has the broadwalk? Or maybe someone of you already win some prizes? If you dont mind, share it with us, maybe your information can help another people to reach the prizes. happy reading guys