Howdy guys. Who is here the fans of McDonald ? And playing their McDonald Monopoly game? What is McDonald Monopoly? Here the explanation.

McDonald Monopoly Game is an annual sweepstakes that has been running since 2008. The game offers big prizes worth up to a million dollars through game pieces that come with designated McDonald’s food. From this game, McDonald’s Monopoly will offers a million dollar grand prize and many other cash prizes, as well as free Mcdonald’s food, consumer electronics, coupons for retail stores, and more.

The rules to play this game is vary from year to year, but the Monopoly Sweepstakes revolves around game pieces that you can get from purchasing McDonald’s food products. Other than purchasing McDonald’s food, you can also get game pieces by sending in for them by mail.

Monopoly game pieces can win through:

Instant Win Prizes: Some game pieces have prizes printed directly on them. You can redeem it at McDonald’s locations.
Collect-and-Win Prizes: Game pieces that are not instant winners have locations printed on them which roughly correspond to the locations on Monopoly boards. One of the pieces in each set is rare.
McDonald’s Monopoly Online Game: Collect and Win a game pieces that also have a codes that you can use to enter the online portion of the sweepstakes.

If you want to play and join the McDonald Monopoly games, you’re going to need a game pieces. Are you wondering how to get the most game codes for the least money? Here’s the breakdown on the cheapest ways to get McDonald Monopoly Game Pieces:

# Free McDonald Monopoly Game Codes

Codes can be found on non-winning game pieces, but you can also get them for free through communications from McDonald’s and its partners.


# Monopoly Game Pieces for the Cost of Stamps

You can get McDonald Monopoly game pieces without purchased. According to the Monopoly rules, get your free game pieces by sending a SASE to:

2012 MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s Game Piece Request,                                                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 49121, Strongsville, OH 44149-0121.

# Buy The Cheapest menu that will get you a free code

If you want to get game pieces by buying McDonald’s products, here the food that you may order :

Hash browns
Large Fries (2 game pieces)
Medium fountain drink
Egg McMuffins (but not Sausage McMuffins)
20-piece Chicken McNuggets (2 game pieces)
Medium and large iced and blended McCafe beverages including Smoothies and Frappes
Big Mac
10-piece Chicken McNuggets

And for those who thinks that McDonald Monopoly game is a scam, here is your info. McDonald Monopoly Game is not a scam. It’s a legitimate sweepstakes with chances to win big prizes worth up to a million dollars. Usually, the McDonald’s Monopoly Game gives away lots of other prizes as well, like free food, smaller cash prizes, product coupons, and more.

And yeah thats the info, so are you want to play the game guys? Exciting right? So lets play the monopoly and get that chickens out