Studio DICE has revealed that the famous first-person shooter Battlefield 3 will be adding a custom Matches feature so players can hop in and play in a competitive online multiplayer. Matches will be coordinated by PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for players that rent dedicated servers.

On the Battlefield blog we know that DICE outlined the upcoming matches feature and DICE also included a few screenshot in the blog to give as a perspective of the level of control that player will have over the matches feature.

Players will also be able to customize the matches feature elements inside the game, by selecting some specific upgrades or not, players will have the option of letting teams ban flashlights, laser sights, mortars and more. It’ll all work through DICE’s browser-based Battlelog system.

“To coordinate a Match a player must be actively renting a dedicated server. Once a dedicated server has been selected the Match host can set the Match name, start time, game mode, team size, and map rotations,” say DICE.

“Platoons, friends, and rivals will be able to put their teamwork to the test in controlled environments laying claim to definitive superiority and creating new grudges,” they add. and this will be a very cool addition for some of the serious clans of players out there who love to get it on one another, settle anything between the clans or just want to show off their team tactics and skills.

In the Battlefield 3 Matches Feature, players can do a fine-tune custom of the time a Match starts, the rotation of maps and also the team sizes. Players can also tweak the match settings by adding friendly fire rules on the match and they can also add a kill cams feature.

Players will play in a warm-up mode where all the the match didnt count on the kills and points yet, and this warm up mode allows players to do some practice before they get to the real action.

Matches Feature in Battlelog

To set up all of these matches they will use Battlelog, and its used across all platforms PC, Xbox, PS 3 and a rented dedicated server is also needed for the person creating the match. when everything is set up and taken care of, you will be able to edit and customize the game type, name, start time, player count and maps, along with game settings such as friendly fire, weapons and more.

Soon after the two team leaders has choosen their team players, the match will begin at a specific  time you have  set it for, at first there will be a warm up phase, this is good for every players to get to know the situation before entering the battle. And only after every player has show and signaled  that they are ready for the match, then the match will begin.

In every ending of the Matches feature, players will will be able to view the match detailed results in the Battlelog. Hopefully, at some point we will be able to view our long term stats/wins and losses  records for tournament play, but right now there is no information about it quite yet. And there is  also the missing exact  release date still, but we cant imagine the waiting will be too much longer.

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