Before we this MapleStory Phantom skill build Idea came out i was discussing it a fellow mapplers a friend of mine we were discussing about the new Phantoms that is coming out and from out discussion i remember that he told me that most of players  were saying to go haste, hb, hs, and sharp eye. I really don’t see why this is important, why you should do that at all. My point its I know that you can be a great support for your party but honestly, why did you do it? I don’t get it, 3/4 are decent skills and maybe 2 of 3 phantoms will be using HS in a team so why bother doing it? ok so i decided to give you an overview about my MapleStory Phantom skill guide.

This would be my ideal MapleStory Phantom skill build Idea

1st Job:

Magic Guard

Iron Body

or Magic Guard for living longer (well since we can only cast one at a time, i would go for Magic Guard)

2nd Job:

Bless (This is only for early levels)

Invincible (This is for survivability)

Iron Will (This is also for survivability)

or Rage (This is most likely to inflict damage)

3rd Job:

Holy Symbol (For Solo training)

Mystic Door (Why would you get decent one when you have this!)

Roll of the Dice (Switch the skill out if the roll doesnt go with what you want )

Shadow Partner (Although I don’t think you really can)

Meso Guard (This is for survivability if necessary)

or Combat Attack (Most likely this skill)

4th Job:

Sharp Eye (There might be decent but the higher level means more of critical and critical damage)

Illusion Step (I’m going dexless so I’m gonna use this, if this lets me wear gear then )

Advanced Blessing (Again, there is a decent but generally this gives more atk and buffs in )

Resurrection (keep it on the side, just in case you need it)

Glacial Chain (This is a very effective mob skill to pull monster in range of main attack)

Speed Infusion (nobody would disagree that being faster is better)

Advanced Combo Attack (if it works, there would be more damage for you)

Smoke Screen (you can use this when needed, it is the same as resurrection)

Power Stance (if Phantom doesn’t have any skill for no KB then the Power Stance would be nice to use)

Dark Impaler (It is pretty good and pretty fast mob attack).


I Currently have not decided on my MapleStory Phantom skill build on what I will use as my constantly used 4th job. I would lean towards Advanced Combo Attack (if its possible), Sharp Eye, or Adv. Blessing (no need to get the decent) or Glacial chain (it is really fun for mobbing).

These are my ideas for my MapleStory Phantom skill stealing build, I have not consider to the revamped Thief and Pirates yet, so it would be flattering if you have any suggestion on revamp skills for my build, that would be much appreciated. What is your build going to be? Do you agree with my MapleStory Phantom skill idea or tell me why you don’t. I’m interested to know before Phantoms are released! Have fun playing MapleStory Phantom!

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