Madden NFL is an interesting football game which is distributed by EA games, to celebrate the anniversary 25 years of Madden NFL they have given some of the players to take a chance in participating the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote . They got to take some times in voting to find the right picture as the cover. All the participants are from the real football player, they starting their huge campaign in the social media like facebook or twitter for a Madden NFL 25 Cover Choose.

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote to Decide The Right Cover

They want some of real football player to have a chance in deciding the right cover for the new Maiden NFL anniversary 25 years game. This is a special package game that must be decided in details from the very beginning especially for the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote. And the gampelay itself is very different from the usual Madden NFL.

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote Back in The Beginning

The first madden NFL distributed is back in 1993, when the game play is at a very standard rate, you just play it like any usual football game at that era, and you find it have nothing special at this game. But nowadays the graphic and sounds effect from the first game has changed a lot, the graphic is really like a real person to play. And the motion is really smooth, you can’t find it is awkward at the game play. So, that’s enough to get more serious by having a Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote.

Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote is Different Than The Usual

When the football players in the game start to running and trying to get a good score at the match, you may feel that you watch it as the real football play which you saw it on television. It doesn’t like  a game, but it is more like a real football challenge. From the players itself is based on the real football players, the name, the number of the shirt, and the height and weight is based on the original football players. There are many new location and many new outfits you can choose in this game, when you play this game you must have known that it is specially designed for the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote.

 The big change itself have many good responds from the real football player and the console game players which used to play this game before this version is announced. They bring the positive effect to the developers, and the voting itself can be found at the ESPN Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote. There is a category to start the Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote Anniversary in some of the covers which have been designed before.

 Anyone can join and participate in voting this cover, it is the same as you are the true player which have been playing this game for many years, or you want to start playing this game. As you need is an e-mail, and you will have to register first at the ESPN Madden NFL 25 Cover site. And then you can signing in and choosing one picture that you like the best to choose it as the right Madden NFL 25 Cover Vote.