In the 2013, Nintendo has been ready to release their new game, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. When I heard this game for the first time, I think it is a very good idea to play this kind of game. It is caused by this game will have a very good graphic and I am sure that this game will take me into a new experience of enjoying a 3D game. When I see the cover of this game, the main character of this game is like a game in the Mario Bross game. It makes me feel more curious in playing this game.

Mario in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

In this Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, you will be able to get the real flashback of playing the new version of Mario game. It is caused by this game is like the combination of Mario character and ghost characters like in the Casper film. One of the most interesting things from this game is about the characters. Like what you have seen in the Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon trailer, there are two main characters in this game. The first one is the Luigi itself and Professor E. Gadd. The Luigi character in this game has an appearance like Mario.

Ghost in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Besides those main characters, there are also ghost characters. These characters will be the challenger in this game. Of course, the existence of the ghost character in this Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will be more than the main character. The characters are greenie; this ghost has a green color. This ghost often makes a trouble. Besides that, there is also a slammer. Slammer is red colored ghost and it is also included in the ghosts. It is better for you to play this new version of Luigi Mansion Dark Moon gameplay.

If there are two characters of ghost in that Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in a green and red color, there are also two ghosts which have yellow color. They are gobber and poltergeist. Actually, the Goober character has a name Ginormous Gobber. This ghost character loves to build a mess. About the character of poltergeist, it is able to manipulate objects. They can do it by controlling with its mind.

Release Date of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

Those all are four out of six ghost characters in this game. There are two other characters those can be found in this game. The fifth one is the king boo. That character is the king of boos which are ready to disturb the main character in this Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon game. Of course, the king character has a stronger power than boos, the sixth ghost character in this game.

If you are looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon release date, you can wait for the official release of this game to get the best playing experience of this game. So far, there is no official information yet about the release date of this game. You have to be patient if you want to enjoy this game. You can play this Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon in your home after this game is released.