On the end of March 2012, Ubisoft tells us about the pre-order pack Far Cry 3. Those who pre-order the game will be receiving The Lost Expeditions Edition. Ubisoft explains a little bonus, which contains two additional missions via the trailer for Far Cry 3.

Lost Expedition

Inside The Lost Expeditions Edition you can get two exclusive missions that are not found in regular version. Two mission is “The Forgotten Experiment” and “Ignition in the Deep.” In total the two missions you can complete in 40 minutes, plus you’ll also get a new weapon that is Type 10 Japanese World War 2 flare gun that you can use during play its multiplayer mode. Interesting is not it?

In addition to pre-order this package, a package contain Lost Expedition DLC which can be obtained for those who pre-order Far Cry 3 through Gamestop. And also The Monkey Business adds four missions and two new modes in multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, The Monkey Business specifically for those living in the U.S. alone. That’s for the U.S., specifically in Europe Ubisoft offers collectors edition package bundles Insane Edition. In this bundle in addition to a copy of his game, you will get some exclusive trinkets that bobblehead figure from Vaas funny, Survival Guide, voucher code DLC (The Lost Expedition, Hunter Pack, Pack Predator and Warrior Pack), packaged in a a special packaging.

Ubisoft to provide more information about Lost Expedition through trailer. Their last mission describes pre-order Lost Expedition, and now shows how the atmosphere as long as you play the multiplayer mode. Along with the release of Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer, Ubisoft spokesperson confirmed that for its multiplayer mode will not they support a separate server. The move is certainly unfortunate they were playing a version of its Windows PC, especially with an automatic limit P2P network without a dedicated server option.

In addition, some of the details of Lost Expedition we get through the latest trailer released by Ubisoft. Like for example if your character is killed by an enemy attack, the teammate can raise. And action focused on teamwork as it will give you points. Once teams get enough points, you can call the Team Support Weapon in this Lost Expedition DLC. Well, for one it seems like a feature killstreak in Call of Duty, and the team had the opportunity to act unilaterally to change the state of the fight. For example, by dropping Psych gas on a group of enemies will make them hallucinate and freely attack.

In Lost Expedition DLC, once you got the upper hand of the enemy team, so your teammate can beat the enemy, until terminated by closing cutscene showing your multiplayer character to kill enemies in a variety of poses and movements that embarrassing. Oh one more information you might need to know, the Massive multiplayer mode is handled by Ubisoft, the studio behind World in Conflict, and also contribute for the development of the multiplayer mode of Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

So who are from you guys want to play this Lost Expedition DLC?