Square Enix as “experimenting” with a series of Final Fantasy XIII. In contrast to past habits where FF are always coming with a new series, Square Enix seems now more focused on creating a sequel to the continues story. As already “promised” before, the adventure of the heroine – Lightning will continue into the third series after ending XIII-2 which is still open to a myriad of opportunities for them. What kind of plot would be carried? New features that will define the latest series of this one? After a long wait, Square Enix finally officially introduced the latest series – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII!

After officially announced to be released in 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy series a few days ago, the official website of the Lightning Returns has been launched.

The full title of the third series saga Lightning named “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ‘.

World >> be explored by the player as a Lightning Novus named after parturition, with a city named Luxerion.

>> Lightning is the only character that can be played, so the whole game Lightning Returns will focus on him.

World >> Returns Lightning starts 13 days before aka Doomsday. (Sounds familiar?)

>> Lightning here described is more like a god, and much more powerful than an ordinary human. If you’ve played XIII and XIII-2, the Lightning represented much more powerful than before.

>> This will be the last fight of the Lightning. (We hope so …)

Costumes >> Lightning can be replaced and it will affect the status of Lightning in battle.

Lightning >> could use a big sword. I Assume it is some kind of two-handed swords.

Gameplay of Lightning Returns >> designed based on the Real-Time Block, this system makes the battle much faster and uses time as a benchmark. If Lightning died in battle, will have the option to repeat, at the expense of time on the timer.

>> There are 4 skills or command that can be selected by the player and can be directly executed. Although the ATB system still was dominant in Lightning Returns, even faster. This makes Lightning Returns feels like Kingdom Hearts.

>> Remember the “Overclock”? This ability makes Lightning capable of slowing the enemy at the expense of time in the game.

>> Time is the most important thing here!

>> During battle, players can control the movement of Lightning freely.

>> There is a movement from day to night time.

World >> Novus parturition floating in the Sea of ​​Chaos, no nothing but endless darkness at the end of the swimming-pool Novus parturition.

>> Shrine of Etro and New Cocoon could be found was floating, looking glorious in the sky Novus parturition.

Luxerion >> is the city of light, shelter those who worship the sacred god Bhunivelze, which looks very gothic.

Lightning seems now appear with a rather unique costumes than ever before, both in Final Fantasy XIII or Final Fantasy XIII-2. Lightning Returns with black armor and white robes, but this is just his default outfit,