For star wars addict, I believe that we all know about Lando Black or Lando Calrissian. Yes, he is one of the most popular characters in star wars. Lando black is a protagonist character that played by Billy Dee Williams and appears in star wars V The empire strikes back and in the star wars VI Return of the Jedi movie. The character is so love d by people. That is why Lando Calrissian becomes one of the most famous characters in star wars movie even he only appears in two movies.

The Famousness of Lando Black

As one of the most famous character in Star Wars Movie, Lando Black often talk about by people as often as the main character, Luke Skywalker.  He even adapted to a parody called Lando Blackstar Warior. In case you don’t know yet about that parody you can check the video in the internet.

In this video Lando Black is played in parody called Lando Blaxploitation. You can easily check the video on the internet. This guy is also one of the most played Characters in any Star Wars game.

Star Wars Lando Black Game Characters

There are many video games that created based on Star Wars Movie. Some of them don’t even known by people but there some of the famous Star Wars game that officially develop and published by LucasArt. Although some of the game is published in bad quality and not popular at all, LucasArt is the official publisher of Star War free-ware video games. Most of the games consist all of the main character in Star Wars movie like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Lando Black.

It will be a long list if want to listing all of the Star Wars games that published by LucasArt, but we can start the list from the most famous released Star wars Game. One of them is 2008 role playing game for windows, X box and MAC. This role playing role game isone of the most liked games by the gamers in 2008 until now. LucasArt also provide you the extension series for the computer based games. In this role playing game, all of the characters in Star wars movie are adopted including this guy.

Lego Star Wars Game and Lando Black

As we all know, star wars is one of the most famous fiction movie that have ever made. Everybody knows about Star Wars. This movie is a legend. That is why this movie is consistently adapted to in video games. Although there are many video games product that based Star Wars video movie, one of the most Star wars video game the Lego Star Wars game and unfortunately the earlier released game from LucasArt Lego is adopted from the prequel one I, II and III, which doesn’t show the original character from Star Wars movie like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and This Guy or Lando Calrissian.  It’s kind of shame that Lego Star Wars game doesn’t include all of those characters, because they are actually the center of the movie.  Lando Black is surely one of the most famous characters in Star Wars movie and video games and I believe you agree with me.