After the Gendarran Fields Vista guide, now i will make the Kessex Hills Vista guide. And here we go

Kessex Hills

First Vista of Kessex Hills, go to Fort Salma Waypoint, after you spawn, find a stairs behind you, run till you find another stairs and go again untill you reach the top turn left and you should see the catapult there, now turn left again and you will find the Vista at the right side.

Second Vista of the Kessex Hills, you go to the west side of the map, the bottom one, and go to Shadowheart Site Waypoint at Lychcroft Mere. After you spawn, go to the left, run straight, you will now see a river, cross it straight. Now the tricky part is, you will see a huge tree with a big mushroom there. You must find a way to the top. There will be a small path with some jumping in the back of the tree, and there will be a mushroom as a step stone to get you way up there. After you jump at the mushroom, you will see the rock like path at the right side, jump over it, and jump again to the small root to reach the Vista, be careful because the path is so narrow.

Third Vista for the Kessex Hills, search for Viathan Lake and go to the Moogooloo Waypoint. Once you spawn, you will be under water. Just go straight and you will find the Vista there.

The Fourth Vista of the Kessex Hills is near toTriskellion Vale at the Kessex Haven Waypoint. This one is gonna be long way, just go straight until you see a forest, turn right. Find a village there, go inside and find a mining place, it should be near the front enterance at the left. Go inside, after you get there, jump off to the left side that will bring you to the down area of mining place. Go straight, and you should meet a bat enemy, kill it. Go to the stairs, go up and you will find a guardian standing there and also a path in front of the guardian it self. Jump onto that path, go straight, and you will find an incomplete path there, becareful not to fall, because if you fall you will start from the first mine site. After you cross that path, there will be a guardian standing and of course the Vista.

For the fifth Vista of the Kessex Hills, we will back again to the Kessex Haven Waypoint. After you spawn, turn around and go around the town, until you find an area for chopping a bunch of logs. You will see the Vista at the top of the log pile. Find a way up there by jumping to the logs till you got the Vista.

The sixth Vista is on the Kessex Haven waypoint too, so go back to the Waypoint, go to the way that we left for the fifth vista but, rather go straight, you will go to north east so take the right path. You should walk at the normal walk path and follow that road. Until you reach the end of the straight path, you go right to the forest path way up the hills, becareful there is lot of annoying bandits. Still go straight up until you meet two way split, take the right path and you will found the Vista at the very right one.

The seventh Vista is on the north east of the map, near to Delanian Foothills go to Delanian Waypoint. Move forward and go up to the stronghold, after that, you will find a hole that will bring you to the inside of a tower, jump of, and climb the ladders. Once you reach the top and theres no stairs anymore, jump to the narrow path at the right side, walk to the top, and there are the Vista.

The eight Kessex Hills Vista is at Cereboth Canyon waypoint. go to the waterfall there, but dont jump off to the down, you will die. Go to the left side, theres a rock land and you will go down there, and find a brush. Jump down, becareful it will do damage. And there you are, Vista.

For the last Kessex Hills Vista, go back to Cereboth waypoint. once you spawn, turn around and go straight there, you will find a road, follow the road till you reach the edge of the hills, turn left with some jump, but becareful you will fall down easily, and when you reach the edge again, look down, that the Vista, just jump off and get your Vista.