Icomania is a game that well played by most of people nowadays, you will have a guide to icomania cheats level 7. To play this game easily, you can simply look at the cheat code that we provide for you. We have capture into the picture, all the right answer from level 7 in the very first stage till the last. You can find about it in this article that very complete.

Icomania Cheats Level 7: What Lies Beneath

You may familiar with this kind of brand and topics. There are 27  in icomania cheats level 7. Actually this is a good promotion for some brands in this game and people will remember all the logos from the popular brands in their minds as this  icomania cheats level 7 for ios and android. So they can play this game anywhere and everywhere for their gadgets like apple ipad or iphone, and Samsung galaxy tab, or from any brands that runs in that platform.

I divide the icomania cheats level 7 into 2 parts. For the part 1 (stage 187 to stage 198) and icomania cheats level 7 part 2 (stage 199 to stage 214). As the very first of icomania level 7 the right answers are : When you find the picture at stage 187 in the Brand category, the right answer is “Pirelli”, and the next after that just follow this answers “Pluto”, “Opera”, “ALI”, “MADONNA”, “George Clooney”, “Voldemort”,  “Universal”, “Twitter”, “Nokia”, “Pocahontas”, “Caesar”. Congratulations! As do it, you will get the maximum points at this level for the part 1. Let’s go to next step.

Icomania Cheats Level 7: It doesn’t Looks Like as You May See

You may find it is easy at the very first beginning of icomania cheats level 7. And you can  get through using the icomania cheats level 7 part 1, now we will discuss about the icomania cheats level 7 part 2 starting from stage 199. When you find the picture at stage 199 in the Famous People Category, the right answer is “Armstrong”, After that just follow this words to get a correct answer “Word”, “WWF”, “PETERPAN”, “MOZILLA”, “WIKIPEDIA”, “MACGYVER”, “YAMAHA”, “INDIA”, “KEVIN COSTNER”, “WARNER”, “OMEGA”, “PUTIN”,  “SUBWAY”, “NAPSTER”, “BRAD PITT”. Congratulations! As you can do it will get the maximum points at this level for the part 2.

Icomania Cheats Level 7 Categories

There are many categories inside the icomania cheats level 7, like brand, character, and country. You will be an expert and get the highest score to this game when you answer it using the cheat codes above. This cheat is only for you who can’t get through the level because of the less of knowledge and want to get the highest score as much as possible.

It is such a pity when you can’t answer one question at icomania. It is acceptable as you play fair to this game. But you may find it is useful for you at some points at icomania cheats level 7.