Being one of the most difficult levels of the Icomania game, many players who are getting stuck on the fifth level resort on using the icomania cheats level 5. Looking for icomania cheats level five is not something that has to be ashamed of since the level features great amount of difficulty. Also, since the system of the game requires a person to complete every single icon puzzles if they want to go any further through the game, it is important to know the answer of every single icon puzzles. Of course one that should be looked upon is the kind of puzzles that a player does not have any knowledge about, because having all the icomania hints level 5 answered by cheats will deny the fun of the game.

The Icomania Cheats Level 5 for the First Section

The fifth level consists of three sections. Each section contains about twelve puzzles. For the first section in particular, there are several puzzles that people are getting stuck on. One of which is a puzzle belongs to the Famous People category that features picture of a man with soft stache and a curly black hair. The figure is actually quite famous, but the depiction of the icon inside the game is quite difficult to recognize. The icomania cheats level 5 answer to this puzzle is Tom Hanks.

Another icon puzzle worth to be mentioned comes in a very misleading description of picture. The puzzle belongs under the category of country. However, instead of featuring a picture of certain landmark the icon puzzles feature only a picture of what appears to be a glass of beer. This is very misleading and many people who are getting stuck on this puzzle resort to using icomania cheats level 5. The icomania hacks level 5 answer for this puzzle is Germany, for some unclear reasons.

The Icomania Cheats Level 5 for the Second Section

As the section of the fifth level progresses further, the difficulty also does. The second section of the fifth level comprises another set of twelve icon puzzles of ranging difficulties. However, there are puzzles worth to be mentioned due to their hard to recognize nature that forces the players to using the icomania cheats level 5.

The most prominent one in difficulty requiring the help of icomania cheats level 5 in solving it comes in a very simple appearance. This icon puzzle belongs to brand category. It features a simple picture of blue symbol that appears like nine being placed upside down on a completely white square background. The answer to this level is actually Asics, a brand that not too many people know about.

The icomania cheats level 5 for the Last Section

The third or the last section of the fifth level brings forward a number of confusing set of brand category icon puzzles. One of them is a puzzle of green background featuring a set of characters appear like the number 2 in Roman, the characters are colored yellow. The icomania cheats level 5 answer to this puzzle is actually BP, once again is a brand that not many people know about.