Among the recent puzzle games of today, perhaps the icomania cheats level 4 are the one most searched by people due to its fun yet confusing nature. Icomania which is a game made for both iOS and Android platform rises up really quickly in terms of popularity. The reknown producer of the game and the fun nature along with the abundant amount of levels contribute the most to the popularity of the game. It is these many levels of the game that with varying difficulties that set people confuse and force them to look for answer to the puzzles around the internet.

The Icomania Cheats Level 4 for the First Section

The fourth level of the game amounts as the level with the most icon puzzles among the other early levels divided into four sections. It is, therefore, is the level with the most of difficulties that prompt its player to resort to using icomania cheats level 4. The thing about the game is that player has to answer a particular icon puzzle before they could proceed any further in the game. This is the reason why people are looking for icomania cheats stage 4. The first section of the level contains twelve numbers of icon puzzles divided into several categories.

The most prominent level in terms of difficulties is the icon puzzle that forces players to use icomania hacks level 4 features a picture of what seems like a city in grey with the background showing what appears to be a mountain with shades of grey trees. This puzzle belongs to the TV & Movies category and is really difficult to guess. After all there are a lot of movies with city background. The icomania cheats level 4 answers to this level is Godzilla, since what appears to be a mountain in the back of the city is actually the back of the giant monster, Godzilla.

The Icomania Cheats Level 4 for the Second Section

The second section of the fourth level actually features only very few questions whose difficulties are confusing. One of which that many players are looking for the icomania cheats level 4 about is an icon puzzle featuring a picture of a glass and a plane. The icon puzzle belongs to the brand category. The icomania hints level 4 answer to this six-letter brand is Ray Ban. It is a brand of glasses with black glass. It is a luxurious brand.

Another icon puzzle worth mentioning is a puzzle of TV & Movies category. The puzzle features simply a picture of what appears to be a wooden horse. The horse is of brown color while the background of the puzzle is set with light blue color. Due to this actually is a movie comes from a myth, many people are confused and resort to using icomania cheats level 4. The answer to this level is actually Troy.

The Icomania Cheats Level 4 for the Third Section

The third section and the fourth section altogether feature very few puzzles that players are getting confused of. The most difficult one coming from the third section would be an icon puzzle of Famous People featuring what appears to be crumpled black grass with a picture of star. Since the puzzle refers to a figure, the crumpled grass must actually be a shade of a head of a person. The icomania cheats level 4 answer to this is actually Che Guevara.