Many beginner players of icomania game who find themselves stuck at the third level are trying to look for the icomania cheats level 3. Looking for the icomania hints level 3 is not something to be ashamed of, since the icomania game, today’s current most popular puzzle game playable on both iOS and Android platmforms, offers a system where players are stuck completely if they could not answer a particular puzzle of a level. Also, the knowledge of the things the icons actually refer to are different between people, and sometimes it is something that they could only find by asking, not by thinking. However it is better not to look for the icomania cheats 3 all levels since it means almost the same as not playing at all.

The Icomania Cheats Level 3 of the First Segment

Due to the abundant number of icon puzzles, starting from the second level, they are broken down into segments. The third level actually comprises of three segments, each with their own level of difficulties that may or may not require icomania cheats level 3. There are several icon puzzles, however, that are worth to be mentioned due to their significant tricky appearance that make it really difficult to guess.

One of them is the icon puzzle belonging to the category of TV & Movies. The icon puzzle features a picture of blue color as a background and a set of what appears to shark fangs as the primary display. Out of many possibilities of shark movies, the icomania cheats level 3 answer to this icon puzzle is actually Finding Nemo. The second prominent puzzle in terms of difficulty comes in form of a brand icon puzzle. The puzzle features a picture of black background featuring letter A in red color being set under what appears to be cut view of some grey circles. The icomania hacks level 3 answer to this one is Audi, a brand of automobile.

The Icomania Cheats Level 3 of the Second Segment

The second segment of the third level has about the same amount of icon puzzles as the first segment. There are more icons that require icomania cheats level 3 due to their tricky appearance of icon display. The first one is a TV & Movies category icon puzzle that comes in appearance of what may be a shade of a glimpse of a black car. There is a red light flashing on the bottom part of the icon. The answer to this one would be Knight Rider, a popular 90’es TV show of a futuristic car.

Another icon puzzle worth to be mentioned due to being difficult is a brand category icon puzzle. The picture of this puzzle actually resembles a flag of a country rather than a brand. The flag features three horizontal stripes. The top layer of the stripes is of blue color, the middle one is of white, and the bottom is of yellow color. The icomania cheats level 3 answer to this one is Visa. Another brand icon puzzle that is really puzzling comes in red background with a white W letter being put on display. The answer to this one is Wilson.

The Icomania Cheats Level 3 of the Third Segment

The third and final segment of the third level still features about the amount of icon puzzles of thirteen, a plus one in comparison to its preceding segments. There are not much icon puzzles with difficulties worthy of using icomania cheats level 3. One of the few is a character category icon puzzle that features picture of what appears to be the rear body of a deer. The answer to this level is Bambi, a deer character of Disney’s.