Icomania cheats level 2 is one of the most wanted answer list people look around the internet. This is especially true for beginner players of the Icomania game who wishes to find the answers of some difficult icons to be guessed inside the second level. Icomania itself is a puzzle game of prominent fame on the iOS and Android platforms alike. There are many players out there playing the game on their android devices or on apple gadgets like iPhones, iPods, or iPads. The second level of the game in particular is more difficult than the first level and has three segmentations and therefore may require a little icomania cheats help.

The Icomania Cheats Level 2 for the First Segmentation

The first segment of the second level of the Icomania features rounded difficulties for its icon puzzles. Since the order of which the puzzle would appear to a player differs from time to time, it is important to remember in what appearance and in what category an icon puzzle appears instead of memorizing its order of appearance when looking for icomania hints level 2. Among these icon puzzles, there are some with notable difficulty that forced players who got stuck on it to look for the icomania cheats level 2.

The first one would be the icon of brand category that features a background of blue color displaying two intertwined circles. The first circle is of red color, whereas the second comes in yellow color. The icomania cheats level 2 answer to this particular icon puzzle is master card. Another one of notable difficulty that many players could not solve is the icon puzzle featuring a picture of what appear to be in a beach where a lifeboat of orange color can be seen. The answer to this icon puzzle is Baywatch, something only few people could probably guess.

The Icomania Cheats Level 2 for the Second Segmentation

The second segment of the second Icomania level comes in set of twelve series of icon puzzles. They are numbered from the 24 to 35. However, again this number should not be used as reference to look for their respective puzzle answer of icomania cheats level 2 due to the order of the puzzle appearance being scrambled in random order from person to person.

There are several notable puzzles with difficulty that force some players to look for icomania cheats level 2. The first one would be a very simple icon in appearance. This puzzle of famous people category features a white background of icon where three pieces of things: a cane, a hat, and a Hitler-styled moustache, all of black colors are being displayed. The answer to this level is Charlie Chaplin, a very difficult icomania hacks level 2 answer for some people. Another icon puzzle worth to be mentioned comes in a background of dark green. There is a picture of ground layer with orange color where three pyramids are placed on it. The puzzle is of country category and the answer should of course be Egypt.

The Icomania Cheats Level 2 for the Final Segment

The final segment of the second level has not too much difficult to answer puzzles although the number of puzzles of this segment is the same with the second segment. One of the most worth mentioned due to its difficulty comes in an icon of cream background where what appears to be a bandit mask and moustaches of black color are being put on display. Although many people find this difficult and need icomania cheats level 2 for it, the answer is actually easy for people who know the movie, the answer is zorro.