As for being one of the most popular puzzle games out there, many people are looking for the answer or the icomania cheats level 1 to complete the first level of the game. The interesting thing about is that the game is available both for the iOS platform by Apple and also the independent Android platform. Icomania has a very simple rule as a puzzle game. It is a game that features an icon and the job of the gamers are to guess what brand or what name the icon refers to. The abundant amount of levels is the primary attraction of the game.

The Famous People Category Icomania Cheats Level 1

The game features a set of categories. Before heading to know about icomania cheats level 1 of difficult puzzles to solve, one should know beforehand that each icon presented to the gamer contains one of each of these categories. There is no difficulty degree exclusive to any particular category of icon. The category serves only a matter of classification for the icons. Although generally one level is consisted of many puzzles of many categories, the first level only features one icon for the famous people category.

This famous people category is one that most people are stuck in and require a help of icomania hints level 1. Since the system of the game prevents the players to proceed anywhere if they cannot give the answer of a particular piece of puzzle. Therefore, being unable to answer an icon puzzle always means getting stuck. That is why there are many people look for icomania cheats level 1 in general, and for the Famous people category in particular. There are two icons of Famous People category in the first level. The icomania hacks levels 1 to the Famous People category are Elvis Presley and Will Smith.

The Brand Category Icomania Cheats Level 1

Another difficult piece to answer that may require level 1 icomania cheats and answers would be the Brand category. The first level of the game features only one brand category. The order of which icon is going to be presented to the player of this game is random. That is why instead of knowing the answer to which number, knowing the answer to which category and to which kind of picture is better. Providing these details also help in finding the icomania cheats level 1.

The brand category of the first level features a quite simple icon. The icon is of white base foundation background, with a media-player play logo of red color being put on display. It is obvious that people who try to look for the icomania cheats level 1 answer to this category does not know what the picture or the icon stands for. Actually this is not something really difficult because it is actually a new logo picture of youtube. Therefore, the answer to the brand category icon is youtube.

The Character Category Icomania Cheats Level 1

The character category is also another piece of icon in the first level worth mentioning since many people are looking for its answer. There is only a single character category inside the first level of the game. The icon displays a blue background of picture where a character of clownfish is being shown in the center. This is actually something that should be easy, as the character is obviously Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo. Therefore, the icomania cheats level 1 answer to the character category is Nemo.