First time playing Halo 4 what do you feel? The atmospheric music? Very good picture? Or is unbelievable shock when suddenly nearly naked female figure is shown on the screen? Then be not too surprised because it turns out she is Cortana? An Artificial Intelligent figure which now looks more human.

Still like most Halo 4 screenshot issued to the public, the image quality presented unusually good looks incredible and perfect. Throughout the eye could see no visible aliasing effects and blur effects that produce by anti aliasing post process. So just think of these pictures as bullshot a scene in game so what are you going to feel in the final version in November will have some differences, and image quality degradation. Also the Cortana Screenshot.

But that does not mean it is not useful bullshot screenshot, of what the display looks that Halo 4 offers the enemies are very detailed and varied, the location of the game as well with a variety of different art style is refreshing. 343 Industries looks are not afraid to play with color blend unrealistic but artistic.

This info comes along with info Halo 4 Multiplayer that appeared on Friday, details about the adventure Master Chief also coincided with the details of the new and old enemies.

Halo 4 settings 4 years 7 months 10 days after the events in Halo 3 as Master Chief enters the cryo-static tube on the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and she told Cortana to wake him up if he needs the Master Chief.

When Master Chief Cortana wake is the beginning of everything. He was awakened by Covenant forces are attacking the ship although belom unknown reason and it seems like a familiar foe in the Halo series as Elites and Grunts are not included in the attack. In fact, they are not the main enemy in this game. You’ll see the main enemy in this game when the Master Chief and Cortana walked out of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn Dyson Sphere into the world, the world of Requiem.

This new faction has many unique and diverse types of enemies, weapons, and equipment. But “in terms of intelligence and complexity relative to the Covenant is very different.” According to 343 Industries, each enemy will “build and highlight the ability of the other.” Not much is known about it, and it remains unclear whether there Forerunners who still live there.

The main theme in Halo 4 is the relationship between the Master Chief and Cortana. Story is already set to show human feelings of Master Chief, the same time he had to deal with the last moments of Cortana. According to Hello world fiction, smart AI like Cortana will break down and become crazy after about 7 years. Currently, he is leading it. But it remains unclear whether, if he uses the technology of the Forerunners and Grave Mind will be able to add to its age.

Campaign on Halo 4 will be played in co-op up to 4 players as the previous series. Multiplayer in the game called Halo 4 Infinity and said to multiplayer in the game will also have an effect in the Campaign.