Ever dream to be a hacker? Apple has the solution. Hack Run is a game that makes you a hacker. Yup, using ‘old-school’ command prompts (UNIX for example), it generates an simulate a real operating system. The command it used is also the same as the real operating system.

Hack Run Walkthrough

The real objective of the game is to learn about the organization and people who work there. You’ll have to check the data on the system to figure out the motive of the organization, and how evil their plan is.

Some of you maybe doesn’t event know anything about programming, and a lot of Hack Run walkthrough site have provided some cheat or answer for each level Hack Run has. Here, i’ll try to give you the real walkthrough so you can complete each level by following my guide, not just typing the answer. Let’s getting started.

Hack Run Walkthrough

Level 0 – Hack Run Walkthrough

Just simply accept the offer and you’re completed the level 1

Level 1 – Hack Run Walkthrough

Tap ‘Begin Your Run’ and your done

Level 2 – Hack Run Walkthrough

Type help, and your done with level 3

Level 3 – Hack Run Walkthrough

You’re supposed to write file contents, so type “type readme” and off you go to level 5

Level 4 – Hack Run Walkthrough

You can read that you’re supposed to type run, and you’re done with level 5

Level 5 – Hack Run Walkthrough

Thing’s are started to get complicated here, and some of you maybe just give up and leave the game, but actually if you read all the instruction there, it’s quite simple. From here, you’re asked to type help, so type it. Type “help”. Then it’ll show some other keywords. The top of it is atip, try type “atip” and you’ll see notes “You’ll need username and password….” The other keywords, ‘exit’ and ‘help’ is usually the basic of any game, so let’s try ‘gate’, and voila, you’re done with level 6.

Level 6 – Hack Run Walkthrough

Now, you’re asked about username. Remember the text in atip? You’ll found some clue that you’re supposed to hack into Alice account. So type “Alice” in the username. Next, it asked the password. In the text also mentioned that Alice is not as smart to give a hard password, so let’s try to type “password” (so easy -_-) and tadaah, level 7 done.

Level 7 – Hack Run Walkthrough

The tips is, if you’re stuck, try the basic comand like “help” or “type” etc, you’ll figure out something eventually. Let’s try “type” and there’s “welcome” appear. Type “type welcome” and some text appear. You will notice some instruction,so follow it. Type “jump alice”, then fill the password with the earlier password “password” and you’re going to level 8.

Level 8 – Hack Run Walkthrough

To be continued…


The main thing about this game is, to be a hacker you are supposed to try and try. The basic keyword are :

– (h) help – shows you the commands that will probably help you

– (t) type – shows what commands that can use ‘type’

– (l) list – shows list of available command

– (t) tips

and much more. The key of understanding this game is to read all of the text there and find the clue to solve each problem. This is the end of  Hack Run walkthrough for now.

To be a hacker is to be a man with patient and intelligence so play well and be a great hacker. ^^