GX12 Thermal Pipe Mission

Chief Engineer Adams has requested a GX12 Thermal Pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him.
Acquisition Edit

Speak to Adams at the Normandy’s engineering deck. However, if you have taken Dr. Karin Chakwas onboard as your medical officer, after you complete the mission Priority: Sur’Kesh, Mordin Solus and Eve will occupy the medical office and Adams and Chakwas will be engaged in a conversation in the crew quarters. Upon completion of Priority: Tuchanka mission, both will return to their stations and you can speak to Adams after that. Alternatively, Adams will request to speak with you after completing N7: Cerberus Abductions before completing Priority: Tuchanka.


Here’s a quick tip on how and where to find the GX12 Thermal Pipe at the Citadel.

Journal Mission Entry: Chief Engineer Adams has requested a thermal pipe to make the Normandy’s engines safer. Find one on the Citadel and deliver it to him.


Go to the Presidium Commons and head to the Bank (marked as 1 on the map)
Go to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk and purchase the E-Gel Thermal Conduit for 1000 credits.
Talk to Chief Engineer Adams to confirm delivery and the next conversation will result in completion of the mission.

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Go to the Citadel and purchase the E-Gel Thermal Conduit at Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies’ kiosk located at the Bank in the Presidium Commons for 1,000 credits.

And also, if you have already visited the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk before, go to the Normandy’s Shuttle Bay and enter the Alliance Requisitions terminal. You can purchase the item with a 10% surcharge.

If you talk to Adams right after buying the item, he tells you that they are performing modifications for the installation. When you see him again after a period of time, he will tell you that the thermal pipe has been successfully installed, thus, completing the mission.

You will get 5 Reputation, 375 experience and the Optimized Eezo Capacitors War Asset for the Crucible.

GX12 Thermal Pipe Double Rewards Glitch

I found this when i am playing Mass Effect 3. I got the quest from Engineer Adams and I went on some side-mission.

When I got back, I went and bought the  GX12 Thermal Pipe from the Requisitions terminal on the Normandy.

Immediately after, I went to see Engineer Adams. I didn’t pass by Specialist Traynor in-between, I went straight from 5th to 4th floor, and he gave me the speech and the Reputation points, like he had installed the pipes and Engineer Donnelly ‘had an epiphany’, blah blah blah. (+5 Rep points)

I went to do a quest on Tuchanka (to activate the turrets). When I got back and went to the CiC, Specialist Traynor told me Adams wanted to talk to me.

I went back to Engineering, and sure enough, Adams gave me the same exact speech (+5 Rep points).

Glitch worth 5 rep points if you’re interested using this  GX12 Thermal Pipe Mission Double Rewards Glitch

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