After the successful release of Guild Wars, now ArenaNet is preparing to release the newest version Guild Wars 2. Different from the previous version, Guild Wars 2 will feature a new game engine and also a changes to character development and also the PvP system.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is keeping the tradition of no monthly fee to play the game. Unique is, that player will be provided with multiple servers, or “world” but not be bound in it. Player will be able to change server by paying a fee of 1800 gems. Still, there’s a restriction in changing server for once in seven days.

Guild Wars 2 game story

The story of Guild Wars 2 located across the land of Tyria. For generations, five races that lives in the land of Tyria have fought against each other, struggling to have a domination in the land of Tyria. And suddenly, the ancient dragon woke.
5 races who used to battle each other, now are asked to set aside their ego and stand together to fought their common enemies, Zhaitan the dragon.
Talking about the enemy, Zhaitan is an all-powerful beast, awaken from their millennial sleep under earth and sea. A breath of it can ruin an entire land and creating a legion of twisted slaves. Zhaitan raised the sunken nation of Orr, which triggers earthquakes and tidal waves in the entire cities across the Sea of Sorrows. Zhaitan and its undead army, is hungry for the blood of five races who live across the land of Tyria. Will they be able to set aside their ego and fight together?

Races in Guild Wars 2

Asura is a short and big-eared subterranian race that has been forced to the surface to face Destroyer threat. Asura is a master of controling Golems and the Asura gates. Somehow, Asura only gives a little respect to other class because they view themselves better due to ther intellect.
Charr is a sworn enemies to human, due to their invation of Charr’s land. Charr form looks like a beast to me.
Human, needless to describe there appearance, are actually the most influental and widespread races in hte world of Tyria.
The Norm is a highly independent race which judging from their only appearance, show that they’re born to fight. Have specialities in combat and their independence, Norm is rarely seen in a huge party.
Sylvari is a race born from nature, which create an inquisitive race of botanical humanoids.

Quick Guild Wars 2 gameplay intro

The control and movement system actually has a significant change from the Guild Wars original game. Mouse movement in the form “click to move” is removed, but target locking will still function. Guild Wars 2 will support a true 3D environments, means more detailed environments and models.

The most cool improvement according to me in Guild War 2 is, the Underwater Exploration. Yep, you can travel underwater and fight there. The developer said that the delay upon the game release is due to this feature.

Back to Guild Wars 2 info, Mike O’Brien as the president of ArenaNet, are more likely to call Guild Wars 2 as an expansion rather than a standalone campaigns, although it is not a final decision. Actually, the original Guild Wars will continue to be supported even after the release of Guild Wars 2.