As you move on in Gravity Rush, at a time you will have to fight a few special bosses. And in Gravity Rush, these bosses are way more difficult than other normal enemies and it will reward you with a tropy and also 1,000 gems. Since they’re pretty well hidden, and this Gravity Rush guide will show you exactly their location and how to beat them.

Gravity Rush General Tips

These fights is not required to be done on your first encounter, so whenever you have problems, it is okay to come back. However you will need to finish chapter 17 before you can return to the rift planes. Upgrading your health will give you 100% health. Make sure to level your Gravity Kick and Gauge Usage Special attacks wont work on rare Nevi. Be aware of where the green gems are, because you will most likely lose health fast.

Ancient Game Hunter – Rift Planes: The Ruins


After you went trough the second flower, you arrive to this area with the third flower. While this place is pretty interesting, the real objective is actually under this building.

Jump over the edge and just keep falling to the bottom. Dont you worry about crashing into the void, as it’s really a long drop. On to the bottom you will see this structure, which is almost your destination. And after this the building will end, and there will be a opening on the bottom. Just change directions and go inside the hole. You will find the Nevi, look at the  picture below.

Gravity Rush Strategy:

After you saw the Nevi, just gravity kick him. It will force him to run and chase you, which will also void his distance attack. And then, simply dodge his attacks and kick him till he starts to  move again. Becareful that he can inflict a LOT of damage, so make sure to use those green gems wisely.  

Burning Game Hunter – Rift Planes: The Inferno


Once you arrived to the second flower, you will be in this area. You will need to defeat some nevi, but they wont be an  issue. After you defeated them, you’re ready to fight the rare nevi.

Look over the edge you should see this road like pictured below, this leads to the nevi. Just jump down and look for a new path.

The path you’re looking for is like this and will have a special dialog before entering

Once you are inside, the rare nevi will spawn, so make sure you can defeat it.


It is all about the Gravity Kick, but he is pretty easy to trick. If you’re above his head, he should always use his burst move, which wont hit you unless you’re too close. This means you can get 1 – 2 kicks in before he attacks, so it’s too bad. However make sure to watch your health gauge as one mistake can easily kill you. And if you leave the area, he will try to punch you, but it’s easily dodged if you just fly by him nonstop.

Illusory Game Hunter – Rift Planes: The Mirage


Unlike the other two nevi, this nevi is very easy to find. When you arrived in  the third flower, simply had to the satellite for the fight.

This is a larger version of the structure with the boss flying around.

Finally this is what the boss looks like up close.

Gravity Rush Strategy:

Unlike the other bosses in Gravity Rush, you will only be able to use Gravity Kick on this Nevi. And it is nearly impossible to do it at the first time you meet him, so I suggest you dont fight him till chapter 17. I found that using your Spiraling Claw will ignore his attacks, so you can use this for a hit or two. Also he is pretty easy to hit if you’re always moving around. If you still have problems, then you might have better  just dodging his attacks. If you go this route, make sure you time it out well or you will most likely get hurt. This is the hardest Gravity Rush Boss, so expect at least some problems.

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