The Golden Lotus is a new faction in the WoW expansion the Mists of Pandaria. So i will tell you shortly about it, this is the guide to the Golden Lotus faction.

You will first met the mysterious Pandaren faction when have reached level 87 and travel around through the Kun-Lai Summit. When you reach level 90, you can start completing the daily quests.

Golden Lotus Storyline Quests

The Golden Lotus storyline is the quests in the Vale of the Eternal Blossoms zone. These quests are the one time quests that help to progress your understanding of what is going on in this story, and guide you to the next part of the story.

The quests start at level 87 in the Kun-Lai Summit with the quests called A Celestial Experience, A Witness to History, Into the Vale, and then The Shrine of Seven Stars  (Alliance) or The Shrine of Two Moons (Horde).  When you reach level 90, you are send on a series of quests that start with the Ruins of Guo-Lai that have you investigate the Mogu at the ruins.

When you reach honored you will be given the quest The Secrets of Guo-Lai that has you learn more about the Mogu and the Guo-Lai hall.  In addition to learning more, you are also rewarded with an ilevel 440 ring.

When you reach revered you are be able to do quest to collect the battle spear, battle helm, and battle axe of the Thunder King.  Once you collect all three items you will be given an 463 chest piece. And you will be able to do the quest to battle against Zhao-Jin the Bloodletter.  If you have defeated him, you will be given your choice of an 5 different epic ilevel 489 neck piece and you will earn the achievement Eternally in the Vale.

Golden Lotus Daily Quests

After entering the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, you go to the Golden Pagoda as the first quest for Golden Lotus achievement.  The golden pagoda is in the central part of the zone by the two giant Mogu statues. There are 13 different quests but only 7 are available each day to complete.

Once you are friendly with the Golden Lotus faction, there are several quest will be available to you.  There will be quests available at both Whitepetal Lake and  Mistfall Village.  Total you are able to do over 20 daily quests at these locations out of over 35 different quests.

Once you have reached honored with the Golden Lotus faction, you will gain access to more quest.  These quests are centered out of the Ruins of Guo-Lai and the Setting Sun Garrion quest hubs.  Again there are a huge number of possible quests to complete each day, with you being able to do about 15 quests out of almost 25 different possibilities. Once you have completed the daily quests one of 7 possible different boss quests will become available.

Golden Lotus Reputation Rewards

The rewards available from the Golden Lotus faction become available at honored, revered, and exalted.

At honored level you are able to purchase several different ilevel 450 blue quality neck and wrist pieces for 1250 justice points each.  There are also two each of  hand and leg armor pieces to purchase for 1750 or 2250 justice points and you can buy a mastery trinket for 1750 justice points.

At revered some really great items become available for you guys.  The items that will became available for you are the all ilevel 489 epic items and are available for valor points.  The prices are from 1250 for rings, 1750 for shoulders, and 2250 for chest pieces.

Once you hit exalted reputation there are three different mounts that you can purchase and also a vanity tabard.

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