Any platform that live in the gaming industry certainly has an exclusive game titles, even from every genre that exists. For type racing simulation, toughest competition to come from two camps Sony and Microsoft. The black console – PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo reinforced that always comes with a superb quality, while the Xbox 360 has Forza Motorsport who do not compete. But they almost always come up with a mechanism similar gameplay to each other, even seem monotonous. Until Forza came up with a new innovation that deserves to be anticipated – Forza Horizon.

What makes Horizon series is so different than the previous Forza series? While still maintaining visualization and realistic game physics, you will be involved in the new system which will certainly make it more interesting. Rather than just raced on the circuit, you will now be faced with the world is open-world, in a setting called Horizon Festival. You will meet with a variety of AI in the open-world race and can engage in real-time. the developer

Pleasure driving in Forza series is always fun and feels real, and now through Horizon Forza you can drive with more free again from morning to noon to night until the morning again.

Although the new Horizon Forza published on October 23, 2012 is now the demo has been published on the Xbox Marketplace and can be taken for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. For those of you who are in the Xbox Live Silver had to wait about one more week can only get the demo.

Demo measuring almost 2 GB offers several events such as Horizon Festival and street racing. Some of the events on offer will automatically turn into Rivals mode after you finish so you will not get bored because the challenges will continue to emerge from friends who also play Forza Horizon. Yups, such as Autolog in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit of Critereon, the Horizon Forza you can also compete with each other to show who your friends are able to complete an event more quickly.

Oh yeah there is a special bonus for you who play Forza Horizon demo and then buy the game at the end of October. Bonus what? Apparently you will automatically get the 2013 SRT Viper GTS (in game, not in reality ). And Microsoft has revealed that the Limited Collector’s Edition of Forza Horizon, which will be available simultaneously with the release as per normal edition on 23 October 2012. Is released in a limited edition is going to be packaged in a steelbook case enclosing a piece of ‘festival ticket’ which will give you five exclusive livery, a Token Accelerator Pack, here’s VIP membership to Forza Horizon.

VIP will provide extra benefits to players, among them the exclusive five-car pack, ‘special recognition’ in the Forza community, as well as access to the events in-game to the VIP-exclusive. For gamers who pre-order will get a download code for the  Forza Horizon themed Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 and can be directly used in Forza 4. In addition, there is extra code that will open the one of the four cars below when Forza Horizon release by October.

2012 Aston Martin Virage
2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG 2010
Ferrari 458 Italia 2010
Nissan 370Z

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