For those who didnt know what is a Fish mask. It is a rare reward from the Squeal of Fortune although, for the week after the Fish Flingers rework, The Squeal of Fortune it was renamed the Squeal of Neptune.

The Squeal of Fortune that is also generally known as the SoF, is a daily activity that is available to both Runescape members and free players, that is initially introduced on 28 February 2012.

Free players get one spin a day while the Runescape members get two spins a day. The Squeal of Fortune resets every midnight UTC. and Fish Mask is one of the reward that Runescape players can get from spining the Squeal of Fortune.

The Fish Mask goes down in history’s note as being the first tradeable cosmetic item to be added to the Squeal of Fortune (for a limited time). During the first week of release, it was placed as an uncommon item, moving to the rare slot after that until the end of summer 2012[1].

The Fish Mask does not require special stats to wield and it doesn’t yield any bonuses either.

As we know with all tradeable rares in Runescape, there is a cap of buying 2 masks for every 4 hours on the Grand Exchange.

If u Right-click the mask and select “Bubbles” or just by simply left clicking on the mask from the equipment tab will allow the player to blow some bubbles from the mask for the duration of 2 seconds. But beware that there is currently a bug in Runescape that happens when a player blows bubbles while resting. The Fish Mask bubbles appear above the resting player’s mask—the height at which the emote normally occurs while standing.

In Runescape world there is a cool effect when Players wear Fish Mask when they are fishing, they will be able to talk to fish. and this only happen when you wear it  in Runescape. It is sometimes rewarding to wear the it to read what the fishes has to say to you. They say things like, “That color really suits you ____,” and, “Do you come here often?” sometimes its really add a fun little bonus for those who discover Fish Mask  in Runescape.

Is Fish mask is going to be the new rare item in Runescape ?

As we all know, people are going to be crazy buying all the fish masks that they can. The reason for this is because they think the item will be of high value later on. And as we all know discontinued items like party hats and halloween masks are worth a lot. Yet, they are all useless like the fish mask. And i personally think that the fish mask is going to drop in value. I just want to remind people that not every discontinued item will worth alot

So if you spend your money on some fish masks and then the prices drops, do not regret it  because you know it before you took the risk, and lost. But  if you do get the chance to win a fish mask, I think it would be better  that you wait until you have at least 2 fish masks so that you can sell one, and then keep the other one, you know in case the price goes up.