FEZ is one of video game published recently and has taken the heart of Xbox 360 gamers. It’s not about the graphic, but more about its unique gameplay. Before, we knew games like mario bross, or maybe crash bandicoot, or other map traveling games that really addicting. FEZ itself is also a map traveling and item collecting games, but packed with its own version.


FEZ has 2D graphic gameplay, however the world we played is in 3D. How is that possible? The main character, named Gomez (he’s a white creature using a fez on his head), suddenly given the ability to rotate the world he is in based on the (Y) axis in 360 degrees! So when you do some rotating, you will eventually see that the map is actually 3D. Here is the example video ^^

FEZ trailer video

Despite FEZ simple graphic and gameplay, it can get the respect and can attract gamers around the world. Some will questioned, why is this game is rated so high that it surpass some high graphical game. The answer is simple, the unique of this adventure game stole the heart of the gamers.

The gameplay is rather simple but quite challenging. The main goal is to collect 64 cubes (36 golden cubes and 36 blue anti-cubes). To get the cubes, players are asked to do several quest or mission. For example: deciphering some codes to reveal the secret, etc.

FEZ Preview

After collecting all the item and completing all the quest (finishing the game), the game is over and you can start a new game+ and you will get some cool new mode: First Person View, which is required to finish a couple of quest that only can be solved by using first person view, and the ability to fly!

Well, that’s all about the introduction of the game. To sum things up, I’m giving you a little guides about FEZ. Thanks for reading ^^

FEZ guides


The basic control of FEZ is simple. Gomez, the main character, can walk, jump, ledge grab, climb, drop through ledges, pick up item, throw items, and push. Gomez has no health, and his dead only occur on several ways:
– Falling, 8 blocks is the maximum heights before the drop automatically kill him. (except in water)
-Black Holes, will absorb Gomez if he touch it
-Hazardous water, killing him instantly
The objective is to collect

FEZ is a puzzle-platformer game. The objective is to collect 64 cubes in total – 32 Gold Cubes and 32 Blue Anti-Cubes. There’s also cube pieces than can be collected throughout the game and once 8 cube pieces are collected, they create 1 complete cube. To get Anti-Cube are more difficult, it requires you to do some quest and solve some puzzle. The puzzle is like deciphering glyphs and follow the instruction, or a rhythm puzzles which make your controller vibrates, etc.



There are four artifacts scattered throughout the world (Writing Cube, Counting Cube, Tome, Skull). This artifacts (except skull) contain some glyphs and are used to decipher the language and numbers.


FEZ contains a hidden language, numerical system, and code. Each can be conveyed through glyphs that found throughout the games.


Can be deciphered by entering a room where a red fox is jumping over a dog which is laying on the ground.


Number in FEZ can be deciphered in several ways. Its correlate to the open space it square has. The picture will describe most of it


Several glyphs are composed of tetrominos which represent controller inputs.When the written buttons are pressed, a secret is revealed. Heres the picture

Number Glyph Preview

Code Preview