howdy gamers, im back ! Now i will make a guide for XCOM: Enemy unknown game, this guide is about the facilities that you should build when you play this game. Ok then lets get the Facilities Strategy guide begin.

To winning any battle of course you need some strategy right? The first part of winning the battle against the aliens in this game is having the best technology. In order to get the best weapons, armor, and security you need some research and engineering team in top shape. Its not cheap, they will need lots of your money and alien materials. Thats why im here to show you what you should do to get more money for those preparations.

Building the perfect satellite system

The most important for your Facilities strategy guide is the Satellites. These device are able to identify UFOs which interceptors can shoot down. After that, you will send your squad to collect the aliens materials. Satellites can also calm the panic levels, by covering a nation with satellites, you will ease their worried and will gain a bonus such as having your research team instantly complete the interrogations.

To build your own Satellites for this Facilities Strategy guide, you will need to build the Satellite uplink or Satellite Nexus first so you can build the actual satellite afterwards. There are 16 nations that need satellites, so you need to build enough satellite uplink or satellite nexus to hold 16 satellites.

To build a Satellite nexus, you need 8 power, 55 engineers, $300, 25 alloys, 2x UFO, bonus +1 satellite capacity for every adjacent uplinks.

To build a Satellite Uplink, you need 5 power, 50 engineers, $150, bonus +1 satellite capacity for every two uplinks constructed adjacent to one another.

I would recommend building a satellite nexus as soon as you can to get Facilities Strategy guide works, so you can build the satellite uplinks around it and getting bonus satellite capacity. This step will cost 225 engineers, 25 alloy, 2 UFO, 28 power, and $1300 to get this all up and running.

Now the next step for Facilities Strategy Guide is build the Power Plants. There are three different kinds of power plants in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Each Power Plants has different strength and weakness. Elerium Power Stations will provide you with the most power but its very expensive to construct the Elerium Power Station since it requires a lot of different alien materials. Here the complete list of three power plants.

The power generator will give you +6 power, require $60, bonus +2 power for every adjacent power facility.

The Thermo generator will give you +20 power, require $200, bonus +2 power for every adjacent power facility.

The Elerium generator will give you +30 power, require $275, 30 Elerium, 40 Alloys, 2 UFO power core, bonus +2 power for every adjacent power facility.

I would recommend to you for this Facilities Strategy guide, build a Thermal generators its the best power plant in terms of cost and performance. But you can only build this generators on the two steam vents at your base. Mining down the steam area, build two Thermal generators there and surrounding with six other power generators. It will cost total of $760 and provide you with 76 power. If you need more power, build couple more generators around the ones you already have.