It supposed to be a great game! Well Diablo 3, is a great game, an epic game. But the reality is this epic game still has a lot of error in it. Let’s say the famous Error 3003, Error 37, and many more error like that. How come that the long awaited game that has been developed for 10 years, still having error decoration on it.

Error 3003

One day I randomly talk to my friend about Error 3003 and Error 37. He’s not a Diablo 3 player, but somehow he knows about the error. “Diablo 3 right? People fills 9 gag with that error jokes.” Yep, its ironic to see that the praise to Diablo 3 great gameplay has almost the same amount with the disappointment of gamers about the error. Personally I didn’t really understand why the error still occurs, but what I know is that Diablo 3 gamers are not happy. No one rejects that Diablo 3 really is good, but if they’re asked if they’re annoyed by the error or not, no body rejects. Who will not being annoyed? It’s a brilliant game, why it is so hard to simply play it.

A gimmick said that, Diablo is not the boss after all. Even Diablo can’t beat Error 3003 and Error 37. This is only one of many more funny statement about Diablo 3. But whatever the server condition is, I believe that the game still attract tons of gamers, even they are hardly log into the game. Well, you sure will wait for hours to play the game right? Will you? (comment below ^^)

Now, the most questionable part of the rising popularity of Error 3003 is, that the error picks a perfect day: Sunday. Who will not get disappointed after they wait for the weekend to come, only to find the game they want to play the most, is undergoing some maintenance called error 3003. Well, even it’s important, is still makes a lot of gamers angry.

Many players on the forum express their disappointment by posting comments:

Error 3003, darn, what a not-so-fun Saturday night. 30 minutes in, kicked, 10 more minutes to get to where I was then connection lost again, then 20 more minutes and the connection lost again, got back in for 2 minutes only to see I lostl the last 20 minutes (but kept my weapons) and was disconnected again. Now getting Error 3003 at login and can’t even connect. This is really disappointing…

I tried logging in and I get the same error. I was planning on starting act 3 before I go to work tomorrow and I have to deal with this.

Why oh why can’t we play in offline mode.. *sigh*


After the EU server fixes I got error 3003. And again, I cannot login.
Blizzard, I hate to complain, but this is starting to be annoying. First day I couldn’t play because of error 37, after that I could play but got kicked every 20 min, and now error 3003! C’mon…. Please fix this.

Edit: and we have a new friend, 33 is back.



I found a couple of interesting post on the forum about error 3003 ^^

game graphics +10
game play when it is online +10
crash frustration -10 / -20?
not work non wifi -10

-borden- on Error 3003 thread

Maybe blizzard hired Homer and he pressed the wrong button. DOPE!

-parster- on Error 3003 thread

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