Just take rest a bit from slaying dragons, don’t you even care that your Elder Scroll V: Skyrim’s character really needs warmth of home? Just like you dude, he is also a living creature with emotional needs. What? Are you asking me how? Lucky you, Bethesda just released a downloadable add-on for Elder Scroll V: Skyrim’s called “Hearthfire” on this early September.

By installing this “Hearthfire” add-on, now you can provide your main character with a shelter to live in. But, again, you have to start it from nothing. First you have to get your own land, where your home sweet home will be settled on. You can choose it from the salt marshes of Hjamaal, the forest of Falkreath or, the vast tundra of The Pale.

Since you have owned your land, you can start building your home. Well, as a start, maybe a small pathetic hut which can be easily broken by a storm is not a bad idea. Chill man, there is no need to be worry. As time goes by, you can upgrade your home as well as your armor and weapon.

Yes, you can add an alchemy laboratory for your experiments, a room for enchanting your armory, a kitchen for your food supply, an award room to show off your achievements, and many more. Good thing to know, you can provide your house with a garden for plants and a fish pond and a stable. As long as you remember, you are not playing Harvest Moon.

Now you have own a house, but not a home. It’s time to fill your house with love and warmness. Don’t you worry, finding a spouse to be your life partner is not difficult as in your real life . A home and a wife, what an incomplete life without having a child. Cheer up bro, Elder Scroll V: Skyrim’s “Hearthfire” lets you to adopt children as well, an now you can share your happiness with your family such as playing games with your kids, having pets and more. As a spoiler, this kind of family business will give you “extra bonuses”. Interested?

Have you ever imagined, a group of vicious kidnappers, bandits, and those salesmen come into your house and mess up with your family? Of course, you have to fight back! Yes, I’m kidding about the salesmen. But anyway, to help you in guarding your beloved home, you can turn your followers into your steward, or hire a personal carriage driver to help you with your family matters. I know.. I truly know.. being a family leader is not easy.

Bethesda stated that the “Hearthfire” add on for Elder Scroll V: Skyrim’s will be officially released on September 4th. Just imagine , after you’ve finished various deadly missions, your wife and your child are waiting you in your home and welcoming with their pure smile of happiness. Beauty is it?

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