Studio developer Bethesda announced three aliases downloads Downloadable Content Content (DLC) latest video game Dishonored, Thursday (25/10). All three will be released sequentially from December.

The first DLC titled Dunwall City Trials. This content presents ten additional maps. Players will be tested on a variety of skills to fight, sneak and acrobatics in tall buildings.

Additional second is scheduled for summer 2013. There is a new mission that involves a group of supernatural assassins called The Whalers, led by a character named David. Choices made by players in the DLC was a big influence on the end or ending story.

The third series followed a few months later. Bethesda has not been willing to tell any information related to this Dunwall City Trials DLC.

Having announced in late October, with Arkane Studios Bethesda has finally set a release date of the DLC titled debut Dishonored Dunwall City Trials. Appreciated $ 4.99, the owner of PS3, Xbox 360, and PC was able to buy it starting December 11.

This Dunwall City Trials consists of 10 maps that will test the ability of fighting, hide and your movement in arena battles against waves of enemies, assassination missions, and a race against time.

Although initially there were skeptics with a concept but stealth-action first-person zoom, but Dishonored prove if a new prescription must be sampled first before getting a judgment. Game is getting the numbers mean – mean nine of almost all media praised the story, as well as the stealth action gameplay however seasoned with RPG elements.

Then after the post was released last October 9, 2013, Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks confirmed some of his downloadable content. The first is called Dunwall City Trials which will be released next December 11, 2012. This DLC contains 10 maps and task challenge players to finish off the enemy attacks, time-trial challenge, and drop a bunch of assassination, where you’re tasked with eliminating targets dropped from a location that is above the target.

Dunwall City Trials would sell for $ 5 (400 MSP) and can be obtained starting next December 11, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. In addition, Bethesda also confirmed earlier if Dishonored will again get a DLC pack for 2013, with features that focus on story elements. Assassin David supernatural power which is also the leader of the assassin the Whalers will be the focus of this second pack. The second pack will be released mid 2013.

Reporting from Pcgamer, Wednesday (29/11/20120) In Dunwall City Trials it will test the ability of stealth, combat, and also a player mobility mastered the genre of first-person games stealth action adventure Dishonored. Not only that, because the 10 map has been prepared in the abstract world of Outsider and will feature a variety of purposes, including collecting clues to help identify and kill the target, based on the fight against waves of invasion tallboys, thugs and guard duties, as well as a challenge to do as much as possible serial killings.

So for you who already stealthing with dishonored before, you can test your stealth skill with the supernatural power that can make you stronger in this new Dunwall City Trials DLC.