Whats up guys, im here again and yeah still at my DragonVale Breeding guide. For this time i will make the guide for DragonVale Rainbow Dragon Breeding.

DragonVale Rainbow Dragon Breeding

Rainbow Dragon is the most rare in DragonVale, many of players already gave up to breed this kind oh Dragon. This is the most rare dragon of them all in DragonVale. The Rainbow Dragon is known to be difficult to breed but with the Rainbow dragon breeding guides from many of our writers and players it’s not difficult to get with the right technique. So with this guide, i hope you will get the Rainbow Dragon as soon as possible.

Rainbow Dragon is has Rainbow elements, whats that? its because he has four of any elements, the elements is can mixed up. The Rainbow Dragon is very unique here, because it is the only dragon that has an Achievement for breeding two of them. Due to the inherent rarity of breeding the Rainbow Dragon, this Achievement is often one of the last ones players complete. How to get this achievement? You can pairing the Rainbow Dragon with Leap Year Dragon if you already got it. You will get Double Rainbow All The Way Achievement. For the combination, many combination list out there for breeding the Rainbow Dragon. But the fact is, there is no exact combination of this dragon. Obtaining Rainbow Dragon through breeding is random. No one pairing will work for everyone, every time, but it worth to try.

There is most effective combination for Rainbow Dragon. The most effective method to breed your first rainbow dragon is Firefly Dragon (lv 10 left) + Seaweed Dragon (lv 10 right). There is about a 10% success rate. The breeding will take 48 hours and the hatching will take another 48 hours. The egg will have rainbow stripes. The other combination is Ice Dragon and Storm Dragon, Lava Dragon and Seaweed Dragon, Blazing Dragon and Crystal, Blue Fire Dragon and Crystal Dragon Dragon, Firefly Dragon and Swamp Dragon Blue, Blue Fire Dragon and Quake Dragon, Seaweed Dragon and Sonic Dragon, Tree Dragon and Snow Dragon, Scorch Dragon and Ice Dragon, and maybe there is other combination that you know? Note this, all the dragon must be at level 10 or maxed. But remember, non of this combination will guarantee you to get te Rainbow Dragon, its maybe based from your luck guys :D

Ok how to breed this type, you must combine and try one by one at your Dragon Cave, breed it and rush with your points. Once you get the egg, see the egg if you got the Rainbow egg or need more luck :D After you got the Rainbow Dragon,  you must put him at Rainbow Habitat, you can get it from the store. Feedhim until it get maxed. You should breed another one guys, who knows you will get the second dragon :D

So from this writing, you will get the conclusion that the Rainbow Dragon is very very very hard to get, its the most rare Dragon in the game, so dont get to excited and give up easily ok? :D