Still in the awesome and addictive game the DragonVale for iOS device. Refreshing a bit, this DragonVale game is the dragon breeding simulation for you who dream about raising the Dragon in your life. Warning, this game is addictive, play it with your own risk. haha If you already see before this post i already post many of breeding guide from the DragonVale game, this time i will give you a guide regarding to this game of course and the DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon.

The DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon is one of many hybrid dragon from DragonVale game. The DragonVale Quicksilver has metallic color for its body and the DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon didnt have any wings, so Quicksilver Dragon is one of the Land Dragon in DragonVale game for your Dragon Park.

“The quicksilver dragon has a mercurial personality, often going from playful to pugnacious for no apparent reason. Despite their great bulk, they are deft swimmers–although most of the time they float at the surface waiting for their next meal to swim by. While tending a Water Habitat, a ‘log’ turned out to be a hungry Quicksilver Hatchling and a young wizard inadvertently invented a “Run on Water” spell.” DragonVale: Quicksilver Dragon Game Description.

The Quicksilver Dragon in DragonVale is  hybrid from a water and metal elements dragon that was released on June 8th 2012 from the Backflip studios. You can either buy this silver/gray dragon which cost 750 gems available in your DragonVale market or players can breed DragonVale Quicksilver dragon by combine the two element of them.

This quick silver dragon is an amazing creature because it is a dragon without wings and those are very limited in editions. In fact, in DragonVale there are only a handful of dragons that do not have wings and the quicksilver dragon is one of them. The quicksilver dragon however is a level 17 dragon that requires you to be at least level 17 before you can breed for this dragon. So if you are not level 17 do not try to breed this dragon.

You only can get the DragonVale Quicksilver  Dragon if you reach level seventeen. Dont try to breed the DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon when you not yet reach level 17. The good thing about this dragon is that its breeding time is very unique unlike the others. This quicksilver dragon is only 18 hours in breeding and once you have bred and hatched the quicksilver dragon you can place him into a metal or water habitat to swim.

Now for how to breed the DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon. You can combine two of dragons to get the Dragonvale Quicksilver egg. You can try the metal dragon with the water dragon of course or you can try to combine the magnet dragon and water dragon or you can try also the swamp dragon with the copper dragon. The quicksilver dragon will earn you 5 coins/minute at start then 35 coins/minute when it reaches level 10.

Thats my DragonVale Quicksilver Dragon Breeding guide. If you have something to ask or you want to tell us some combination for breeding this dragon feel free to share it with us through the comment section.