Yo guys im back another guide for you the fans of DragonVale games and your iOS device. There is plenty of Dragons that available and waiting for you to hatch them in DragonVale, some of them is the Rare and limited Breed so it takes more difficult task or rare to obtain and some is limited by time. For that reason, i provide to you the right guide to breed that kind of Dragons. As you already read my previous post, i already make a guide to some rare Dragon and its work, if you miss some dragons, you should take a look to my previous post. Ok then this time i will make DragonVale Paper Dragon Breeding.

Why its named Paper? Lets see, from the outer look, theres no paper in there, but if you had closer looks, you could see the wings that has a paper like, its morelike a paper traditional fan. The Paper Dragon has Fire, Plant, Earth, and Cold elements, you can only get this breed until September 24.

Now how to breed this kind of dragons? Again you must combine two type of your Dragons to make the Birthstone. There is some combination that you can use to make the Paper Dragon Birthstone, you can use Mountain Dragon and Poison Dragon or Lichen Dragon and Lava Dragon or Blue Fire Dragon and Tree Dragon. The step by step to breed this lovely dragon is first you go to Breed menu, new windows should be appear. You can go to the Dragon cave to combine the two type of Dragon that i already mention that before. The both Dragon that you combine will appear at you Dragon Cave or your Dragon Valley. And then, you will now go to the Incubate menu that will appear at the bottom right of your screen. The windows should be pop up when you press the menu, it will show you a choice, “The dragons will finish breeding in some hours. Hurry them up for 25 gems?” You should hurry this one if you want to get this Dragon faster.

After you combine them, you will get the Egg or we called it Birthstone. The Egg will be appeared at the Egg place at the middle of your park. Go to the egg places, click the egg and choose the red color egg with something like B written in the shell. Next for DragonVale Paper Dragon Breeding. Once you hit that egg icon, the new window will appear again, pick Yes. After that a new window will appear with Paper Dragon Picture in it. There will be three choice, Hatch, Display, and Sell. Choose Hatch.

The baby dragon will appear at the top of your habitats, the habitat must be fire, plant, earth or cold, choose one of them. After you has your habitat, you will now feed the dragon. Click you Paper Dragon and click the FEED button until the dragon evolve and until the level is maxed. Oh yeah guys, as i mention it before, you only can get this Paper Dragon until September 24, after that, im not sure if this Dragon can be obtained or not.

Thats it the DragonVale Paper Dragon Breeding, and here is the video in case you didnt understand my writing. hope you enjoy it.