Hey guys, Jonathan here, try to write something fun hahaa. Still on DragonValey guys, for now, i will write about DragonVale Ghost Dragon Breeding.  When you see Ghost name in it, what do you expect? Spooky and transparent Dragons? Or something white? Here, you will get that feeling when you see it for the first time. Baby Ghost Dragon has the appearance like something small but covered by a white leather mask. Its little bit spook, isnt it?

The DragonVale Ghost Dragon is a dragon released on October18th 2012. It is expected to be a limited time dragon for Halloween released in 2012 and i will show you how to breed the Ghost Dragon. This dragon features the elements of Cold and Earth and someone said that Ghost Dragon has the Cold and Earth Elements. Ghost Dragon is a limited Dragon, has a cloth over the dragon, and has a cool evolve. “Often mistaken as the spirit of an ancient and benevolent dragon, the ghost dragon remains somewhat of a mystery. Reading the notes of the wizard Sam Hain, “The ghost dragon only shows up in the middle of the Fall, usually in conjunction with the bone dragon. My advice? Don’t be afraid of no ghosts!” Thats the description for Ghost Dragon.

Lets start with the DragonVale Ghost Dragon Breeding

The dragon is a plant and lightning element dragon. I would recommend using a Cold Dragon and a Earth  Dragon to breed for this Ghost Dragon. The breeding time is 15.5 hours but the gem cost will be 16. For enchanted breeding islands it will be 12.5 hours but will cost 13 gems. You also can choose other combination like Earth Dragon and Mountain Dragon or Cold Dragon and Mountain Dragon or Iceberg Dragon and Mud Dragon or Cold Dragon and Earth Dragon or Ice Dragon and Lava Dragon .

To get this Birthstone,you must has extra works to do and extra patience guys, since its a very rare Dragons. You can go to the Dragon cave to combine the two type of Dragon that i already mention that before. The both Dragon that you combine will appear at you Dragon Cave or your Dragon Valley. After you combine the two of your dragons, they will appear at your Dragon cave with some love:D, you will now go to the Incubate menu that will appear at the bottom right of your screen. The windows should be pop up when you press the menu, it will show you a choice, “The dragons will finish breeding in some hours. Hurry them up for 25 gems?” You should hurry this one if you want to get this Dragon faster.

 Since you fastening the birth time, you will now get the egg at your egg place in your Dragon Park. Click that Eggs and the Eggs that you already has will appear in the screen. Pick the first Egg on the left, for this Ghost Dragon, you will find it easily, it has bright green colors with a baby dragon in its shell. After you hit the Egg, there will be another Options here, choose fastening the hatch time. And you should see the baby Ghost Dragon appear in your screen, make a Cold or Earth Habitat if you not have that yet. You need to Feed it to became an Adult Dragon and Evolving

If you didnt understand, here i provide to you the videos.