Finally you have arrived at the final chapter of the walkthrough. After completing 30 level of Doors, now you’re ready to face the last 5 level of Dooors. Getting stucked? Don’t worry, we’re always here and now present Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough. But i will mention again, i suggest that you try to solve the problem by yourself first, and if you got no clue of it, you can see the walkthrough here. Doesn’t get the challenge right, if you complete a game all by using the walkthrough? Meh..

Okay, here’s the last part of Dooors walkthrough

Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 31  Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Simply turn your phone upside down and wait for all the dot to turn green

Dooors Level 32 Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Tilt the phone to the right, and a rock will slide into the top of the red button. After that, use the match to clear the bee, and you are free to access the door.

Dooors Level 33  Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Use your knife to cut the wire, so the laser will turn off. Than slide the door in this direction: rigt, left, left, left, left, right, right

Dooors Level 34  Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Tap the plants so it moves them away from the instruction. After that, tilt your phone to mirror the clocks by turn the phone around until all the red light above the door turn green

Dooors Level 35  Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough

Light both of the candle with match, and then tap the pads so that it match the amount of letters per word. (So it’s 6, 4, 5, 6)

And that’s it. You’ve finally conquer the Dooors game. So, Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough also ends here. Congratulations ^^

Dooors Fact :

– Dooors can be downloaded via Iphone App Store or via iTunes

– Dooors is a free-to-play games from 58works

– There is an apps from iTunes store that contains all Dooors hint. The name of the apps is Dooors Hints & Tips

Small Review of the game

Dooors basically is a brain testing games which contains 35 level of puzzle that needs to be solved. Each level has different way to solve, and sometimes it can be solved by tilting the phone or by shaking the phone or basically by tapping and sliding. The higher the level of Dooors, the more difficult it is. Some says, Dooors is a game that can improved the way a kid think to solve some problem. Yep, some level needs an ‘out of the box’ ways to solved, and that can be quite a challenge for kids to solve.

There’s a bit of bad thing about Dooors though. For some kids, maybe the games is a boring game, because it’s just a simple puzzle game. Some kids maybe just do couple of level, and then quickly get bored and stop playing or just searching for the walkthrough, like   Dooors Level 31-35 Walkthrough here , and also the ads is really an annoyance, it keeps appearing and need to be closed. But overall, Dooors is a quite good game and recommended for you who loves problem solving games. Ciao!